How to Recover Videos from Formatted SD card?

Almost all the contemporary models of video cameras use SD card as a storage device. Due to various reasons, errors on SD cards are frequently encountered. Cameras by default can recognize these errors and ask you to format the SD card. As a human error, you might instinctively select ‘yes’ to the format SD card pop up on camera resulting in loss of videos and photos saved on SD card. 

Fortunately, when you format your SD card on camera the videos or photos are not permanently erased. If you want to know what happens to your photos or videos and how to recover videos from the formatted SD card refer to the next section.

SD cards formatted with your important video footage in it or SD card turning out corrupt forcing you to format can lead to irreversible data loss. However, if you are looking to recover footage from formatted SD card, then you should make use of Remo Video Recovery Software. 

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how to recover deleted lost formatted videos from camera SD card

How to Recover Footage from Formatted SD Card?

When you format SD card actually it won’t erase the video rather it will overwrite the file system with a newer file system. The new file system will mark the storage space on the SD card as free and ready to be overwritten.

This means you can recover videos from a formatted SD cards. However, you will need an SD Card Recovery software that is capable of access low-level storage sectors of the SD card and scavenges recoverable videos. 

It can be tough to recover videos from formatted SD card, integrated with a Deep scan algorithm Remo Recover can locate and easily recover files even after formatting storage devices.

Steps to Recover videos from formatted SD card

  • Download and install Remo Recover on your computer
  • Remove the SD card from your computer and connect it to your computer

recover videos from formatted sd card home page

  • Launch the Remo Recover and select Recover Partition edition from main screen
  • The data recovery software will display storage device connected to the computer

scanning formatted sd card to recover video files

  • Identify the SD card and click on Scan to recover videos from the formatted SD card
  • Once the scanning is completed the all the recovered files will be displayed in the preview window
  • The preview window is a really helpful feature that will assist you to check the state of recovered videos from formatted SD card

preview of recovered videos from formatted sd card

  • If you feel like files are corrupted or any of the videos are not recovered select Deep Scan option
  • Proceed to save the recovered videos from formatted SD card by browsing the location where you want to save and exit 

What does it mean when my camera says memory card needs formatting? 

There are various reasons why your camera asked you to format SD card. The scenarios are mentioned as follows:

  • When you insert a brand new SD card
  • Switching SD card between two different cameras
  • Accidentally deleting or Formatting Camera Memory Card
  • Forcibly ejecting memory card from 

Do I need to format SD card before use? (Brand New SD card)

Generally, a brand new, out of the box SD card or memory card will not be carrying any file system. Hence, you need to format the new SD card with a file system to make it usable.

Since, majority of the cameras use the FAT32 file system to manage the storage drive, as soon as you insert a new SD card into a camera will prompt you to format the SD card.

Fortunately, I don’t think you will be facing any kind of data loss in this scenario.

Switching SD card in between cameras

Every individual camera has a specific folder structure to store data on an SD card. For example, the Canon camera has a DCIM folder by default and within that folder Canon further creates a subfolder based on the number of images or videos. In the case of Nikon, it creates the folder name starting with DCM850, and all the folders will be saved on root folder of the SD card.

So due to these differences, when you insert the SD card previously used on another camera, it will prompt you to format the SD card.

Accidentally Formatting Camera Memory Card

This situation is frequently encountered, many users tend to delete the photos without notice. Not only that sometimes even undergo formatting the SD card. Fortunately, even in these situations, you can recover videos or photos saved on your camera SD card. 

Forcibly Ejecting SD card

While the camera is switched ON, if you eject or remove the SD card forcefully it will interrupt any ongoing data transfers between the camera and SD card. This will cause a camera SD card to turn RAW or get corrupted.

With a RAW SD card, you won’t be able to access any media stored on it, and in the worst case, the SD card may turn blank & not display the files stored in it. Regardless of the state of the SD card, the formatting camera SD card will still result in the loss of video or audio files. 

However, one can easily fix and recover data from blank SD card that have turned RAW or corrupt with a trusted data recovery software.

Tested under thousands of real-time data loss scenarios, Remo Recover is a highly reviewed and recommended data recovery software that can successfully recover files from RAW, corrupt or formatted SD card. 

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These are a few of the common situations where you might lose videos saved on your camera SD card.  

To avoid any such situation, it is better you take a back up of the contents of the SD card. So that you avoid such distressing situations. However, regardless of these scenarios, recovering deleted videos from the camera SD card is possible with Remo by your side.

Wrapping it up 

“Format SD card” error is as common on a camera as it is on any other device. To be prepared for data loss disasters, take a step back and backup the contents of the SD card. Nevertheless, if you have formatted the SD card, you can still recover videos from the formatted SD card with the help of Remo Recover. Not only recovering videos from SD card Remo recover can also recover all the formats of digital media files 

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