Unable to Play DJI Phantom Video files? Here’s How to Fix

DJI Phantom or Inspire 1 are not just some fancy gadgets, they are unmanned air crafts with capabilities to take video and explore any ground for personal or professional reasons. As you need huge investment for purchasing such a high-end piece of technology, there’s nothing wrong to take measures for its security, support and maintenance. The issue we’re addressing in this post is about lost and corrupted video files from DJI Phantom.

Mishaps or mistakes happen at any time. You may lose your recorded video by accidental shut down of DJI Phantom quadcopter, software and hardware issues can lead to the corruption or damage of DJI Phantom files. Whatever be the reason, safely fixing up the corruption should be your first priority.


But, many remains ignorant to take action at the right time due to unawareness about the problem. In this post, you’ll find the detail description of what possibly wrong could happen to your file. Here we go:

Why does this happen?

This part requires a knowledge about file formats. If you only want to see the solution, you can skip this part and head over to the end.

  • Many times the corrupt video file exactly appears like a proper MP4 file format. This corrupt file begins with a ‘ftyp’ and ‘moov’ atoms which is followed by a ‘mdat’ abbreviated as ‘movie data’ atom. This ‘mdat’ atom contains raw video data. But, in a corrupt file, the ‘mdat’ atom contains new ‘fytp’, ‘moov’,‘mdat’ atoms instead. All these atoms make up a specific MP4 video file. So, the file can simply be repaired by avoiding over the initial ‘fytp’ and ‘moov’ atoms, also the header for the ‘mdat’ atom and copying the remaining data into a new file.
  • File corruption is also possible specifically after a crash. In such a case, the file does not consist of any MP4-format data. The file consists of only a sequence of raw H.264 NAL units instead, each preceded by a 4-byte size field. In such a case, the file can simply be repaired but the outcome will be a “.h264” -format file and not a MP4 file format. This repaired file can easily be playable by VLC media player but might not be able to play by other media players.

Possible reasons that could result in corrupted DJI files:

People are generally unaware of the reasons that lead to such misfortune. Here is a brief summary that will help to keep your eye open.

  • When the battery dies during recording.
  • Due to Abrupt landing of Phantom.
  • Extreme temperatures.

How to repair corrupt DJI Phantom or Inspire video files

Use video repair software to fix your damaged DJI Phantom videos. It is specifically designed to repair corrupted .mov and .mp4 files. This tool has separate versions for Windows and Mac. It is necessary to have a healthy video file taken from the same quadcopter for reference. Go ahead and download this software on your Windows PC or Mac to repair corrupted DJI Phantom video files.

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