How You Want to Mark (March 8, 2016) International Women's Day? Share Your Stories

On March 8, 2016 – The World is stressing on gender equality, tweeting and sharing posts with #PledgeForParity hash tags. We need to ensure that the whole campaign of “Pledge for Parity” is a success, not just a mere hash tag that will die on its own. It’s not that easy as we talk. Remo is obliged to take part and will unitedly stand for the equality of gender.

See some of the twitter responses on International Women’s Day:


To celebrate women’s achievements, global events are being planned and the goal is to call on for faster progress on equality. London is all set to host the Women of the world festival. In Nigeria, people are taking the streets of Lagos on International Women’s day to fight gender-based violence. Explore more events from here.

This year the spotlight is mainly on the social, economic and political achievements of Women.

The World’s Economic Forums predictions about the gender gap - “At the current rate, the world will not close the global gender gap for another 117 years” inspired the International Women’s Day, #IWD2016 theme – Pledge for parity.

While staying with the theme, I would like to highlight that Remo Software is also concerned about the daily challenges faced by women. RemoMore, one of our latest additions was evolved from the idea of empowering women.


We are constantly working on enabling today’s technology (Smart Devices and IoT) to enhance Women’s life – by providing personal and family safety. And together we stand to pledge for parity.

parity for women

We’d like to hear how you are going to mark International Women’s Day. Attending or organizing any events? Let us know how you are going to be part of the campaign.  Borrowing the words of Accenture Managing Director – Jane Livesey; “Bring International Women’s Day to work every day”.

"Equality for women is progress for all" - Respect Women

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