DIY Methods to Repair APFS Disk

The APFS (Apple File System) is the most recent file system introduced by Apple. The file system was introduced with macOS High Sierra and continued for later versions of macOS such as Mojave and Catalina. The newer APFS is a lot more efficient in terms of using disk space compared to the previous HFS partitions. Even as the APFS is more efficient, the volume can undergo corruption and the data in the drive can become unavailable to the user to access. To understand the causes behind the damage and to know the ways to repair APFS disk adhere till the end of the article.Some of the common causes for the corruption on the APFS volume are:

  • Corruption in the drive due to bad sectors
  • Sudden power surge causing damage the drive
  • Virus infection
  • Forcefully shutting down the computer while there are applications running in the background

There can also be other reasons apart from the above-mentioned ones. In the upcoming sections, you will find information about various troubleshooting methods to repair APFS disk.

Repair APFS disk with Disk Utility:

The Mac computer equipped with a built-in Disk Utility that can greatly aid in repairing APFS disk. Follow the steps below to perform the repair.

  • Reboot the system, press and hold Command+R as the computer starts
  • The computer will boot into recovery mode, from the list displayed click on Disk Utility option
  • From the left sidebar, select the APFS volume or disk to be fixed and click on First aid
  • In case the utility is not able to fix the drive, the computer shows the message stating “First Aid process has failed. If possible back up the data on this volume. Click Done to continue”.repair APFS disk with Disk Utility
  • If no message is displayed click on Run. After completion of the process, you will be able to repair APFS disk

The above-mentioned steps can be in-effective as it resolves only minor issues. Once the computer notifies that the disk cannot be repaired, it can be a serious threat to the data as well as the drive. You will need to take precautions as the disk might fail at any point in time.

The most recommended step would be to take a backup of all the data present in the drive using Time Machine. To perform the backup manually, click on the Time Machine icon and select the Back Up Now option from the pop-up.

Fix APFS volume by running FSCK command:

Repair APFS by following the instructions mentioned in this section. The FSCK method needs to be performed in single-user mode.

  • Start the Mac computer, press and hold Command+R as the computer starts
  • After entering the Single User Mode, you will see a white text which will appear on the screen
  • To start the file system check, type the fsck –fy and hit enter
  • After completion of the check, if the computer generates a message stating “File system was modified”, then run fsck –fy again
  • Upon running the command again, the message “The volume appears to be OK" will be displayed
  • Type reboot on the command and hit enter to restart the computer

The FSCK command should be used as a last solution to fix the drive. Even as the FSCK method is a better solution to repair APFS disk problems, there is no guarantee that this solution works all the time.

If the FSCK method fails to repair APFS disk, your only option will be to reinstall the macOS on the computer. Formatting the drive will erase all the data on it. Hence, you need to recover the disk with a trusted before formatting the drive.

Remo Recover is a specialized tool to recover lost data from the corrupted hard drive. Integrated with the Advance scan engine the software recovers data from the hard drive that is severely corrupt. Download and try the software for free now.


How to recover data from APFS volume?

In order to recover data from APFS volume, download and install the Remo Mac data recovery software and follow the steps. From the main screen click on Recover Volumes / Drives button> Formatted/Reformatted Recovery>Choose the volume to be recovered>Select file type>Click on Next>Click on Preview to validate recovered file>Finally click on Save.


The new APFS file system is highly reliable to save data on Mac hard drive. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, the hard drive can get corrupted. However, Macintosh computers have built-in utility to identify and fix any issues on the drive. The troubleshooting steps mentioned in this article will help you to repair APFS disk. In case the solutions provided in the article fail to repair APFS disk, create a Pre-Boot volume for APFS and reinstall macOS. However, take a backup of the drive before reinstalling the operating system.

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