How To Repair Video File | Corrupt | Damaged | Broken

Turning your corrupt, damaged or broken video file into a healthy playable video file had never been this simple. Find these completely free methods to repair video files without any hassle. Along with the hassle free ways to fix your corrupt video, the article introduces to you a industry leading video repair software, that you can try for free to repair video file. 

Why is My Video File Not Playing? 

You might have asked this question several times and failed to find an answer. Let us see what are common scenarios that lead to video corruption below, before we go on to fix them: 

  • Improper conversion of video file formats 
  • Editing on unreliable video editors 
  • Interruption while transferring video files 
  • Video header corruption 
  • Audio Video getting out of sync 
  • Virus or malware infection 

These are some of the common symptoms or scenarios of video file getting corrupt or damaged. Now follow the below mentioned methods to start your video repair process. 

Before you move on to free ways to repair videos, 

If you have a severely damaged or corrupt video and have tried fixing with the VLC player, it is recommended for you to directly make use of Video Repair Software

Remo Video Repair Software is the people’s choice when it comes to repairing videos of various file formats like MOV, MP4, AVI, DIVX etc. With its advanced repair algorithm and read only mechanism to ensure safety of corrupt video file, Remo can easily fix your video file and make it playable. 

The tool is completely free to download and try fixing your videos now. 

free-download-for-win free-download-for-mac

How to fix Corrupt Video Files?

There are multiple ways to fix a corrupt video file, like mentioned below. You can click on the free methods to start with video repair process. If the free methods doesn’t fix your video or if you are sure that you have a corrupt or damaged video file, you can directly click on the second link to go ahead on start using Remo Video Repair Software.  

How to Fix Corrupted Video Files With VLC Player? 

Although the primary function of the VLC player is to play media files, the tool also provides features that can help you fix video files. Below mentioned are few ways you can make use of VLC media player to repair video files: 

  • Repair Videos with inbuilt fix feature:

You can repair AVI video files with the help of fix feature available in VLC media player. However, if you are looking into repair videos of any other file format, it is better to change file extension to .avi and follow the below mentioned steps: 

    • Launch VLC player, click on Tools
      vlc home screen select tools and go to preferences
    • Go to Preferences, go to Input Codecs
    • Under damaged or incomplete AVI file, click on Ask for action drop down list 
    • Click on Always fix
      click on input codecs and select always fix option to repair corrupt video file
    • Click on Save and try playing the video file if its fixed. 

 If the above mentioned method fail to help you fix corrupt video file, then you can make use of the next method. 

  • Make Unplayable Video files Play by converting using VLC 

To make unplayable video file play with VLC, follow the below mentioned steps: 

    • Launch VLC player, go to Media 
    • Click on Convert or Save
      click on media and go to convert or save to start repairing
    • Click on Add and insert the corrupt video file
      select the corrupt video file to be repaired and click on convert or save 
    • Now click on Convert or Save 
    • Mention the Destination file location and provide a input codec from the list
      select desired profile from the desired list
    • Click on Start 

Try playing the video file after following the above mentioned steps to see if you have fixed the corrupt video file. If you were not able to repair your MOV or MP4 file with the manual methods, it is high time to make use of the best video repair software.

  • How to Repair Video Files on Mac Using QuickTime Player?

You can repair corrupt video files on Mac with the help of QuickTime player. Follow the below mentioned methods to easily fix them without any hassle: 

    • Launch QuickTime Player and open or import the corrupt or damaged video file 
    • Go to Window and click on Show Movie Inspector 
    • Upon clicking on this, you will be able to see all the details of the video file 
    • You will also be seeing a video error related to the video corruption
    • You can simply search for the specific video error code online and find a way to fix it.  

If you didn’t find any solution to fix the damaged video, you can use Remo’s Video Repair Software for Mac.

Remo Repair Video is a powerful video repair software designed to safely fix video files like MOV, MP4, AVI, XVID, DIVX, etc. with no effort. 

The tool is freely available for you to download and try repairing the video files. There is also a preview feature will let you judge the video repair process.

Download the tool for free now and start repairing your video files. 

free-download-for-win free-download-for-mac

How to Repair Video Files Using Remo Video Repair Software? 

To repair video files that are broken, corrupt or damaged, download and install Remo Video Repair Software. Follow the below mentioned steps: 

  • Launch Remo Video Repair Software, select the corrupt video file by clicking on Select File
    repair video file with the help of Remo video repair software
  • If you are repairing a MOV or MP4 video file, then you must provide a reference a video file by clicking on Choose Reference MOV File
    provide a reference video file to fix the corrupt MOV or MP4 file
  • Now click on Repair to start repairing the corrupt or damaged video file
  • After completion of the video repair process, you can Preview the repaired video file to judge the success rate of video repair process. 
  • If you are satisfied with video repair, then activate the software and Save the Video file on to desired location.

Note: If you have accidentally deleted a video file or lost it due to unsaved during a video editing process, you can recover video files easily without any hassle. Check the above link for more info.

Things You Can Do To Avoid Video Corruption

  • Never use any unreliable tools to convert or edit the video files 
  • Never interrupt the process of video transfer 
  • Always have a backup of video files 
  • Protect your computer with a trusted Antivirus software

Final Words: 

You can't anticipate how and when your video file is going to stop playing due to some corruption. The only way you can save yourself from losing your video files is maintaining a video backup. However, if you ever come across damage or corrupt a video file you got Remo Video Repair Software by your side. 

Do let us know your thoughts in the comment section below and let us know if you were having any trouble following the solution mentioned in the article. 

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