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Working on Mac is one of the comforts of a computer user. There are several versions of Mac in the market and all give some outstanding user experience. If you are a Mac user, you would agree with me on this. You might also have encountered the white screen issue, it happens when Mac fails to start. It’s very dangerous for your data in your computer. And it’s a quite difficult task to get back files after drive failure on Macbook pro, Macbook air or other Mac computers.

There are certain issues with Mac when it refuses to start. The system will display some traits of failure when you try to use it. Problems like blue screen display, logging in but showing white screen or Mac doesn’t load at all. Such issues are an indication of a greater problem than you think. This problem of not starting up can be so annoying most of the times. These issues have a direct connection with the data on your Mac. As well as the hard disc may get affected with time.

Why does Hard-drive Fail on Mac? 

The failure of the Mac hard-drive can be classified into two sequences. First one of logical failure of the harddisk. The another one is physical failure of the hard-disk  

Logical Failure 

  1. Corruption or Virus intrusion of Operating system 
  2. Bad sectors 
  3. Driver issues in the operating system 
  4. File system corruption

Physical Failure 

  1. Excessive heating of the operating system 
  2. Any Physical impact or Dropping and crashing of hard-drive or the storage device
  3. Power Surge can cause damage to the hard-drive

If you have encountered any of the above mentioned scenarios, the data residing on the hard-drive will be lost or deleted. If this data holds value to you, you might need a reliable data recovery utility like Remo Recover Mac to restore your data from a failed hard-disk. 

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How to Fix Failed Mac Hard-drive using Disk Utility?

Disk utility is an inbuilt mac repair first aid tool which allows the user to repair the corrupted, inaccessible and failed macOS. 

When Mac fails to start up normally, it can be fixed with the startup device repair or Disc utility tool. This tool is available for Mac, but its access is only when the system is able to start. In this case, you have to first face the startup issue. To start the computer in the above mentioned case, we need to get into the system and start it up.

An unresponsive Mac can be started with some of the methods explained in the following section. Let’s go through these three troubleshooting techniques to start your system when Mac fails to start.

How to Boot macOS into Recovery mode 

  1. Shut down the macOS and wait for the macOS to go off
  2. Next, press on the power button and keep pressing till you encounter the startup options 
  3. Click on Options and choose to continue 
  4. If asked, use administration password to provide access 

Select your Disk and Run First Aid 

  1. From the recovery mode, Go to Disk Utility 
  2. Utilities > Disk Utility 
  3. View > Show all devices > Volume 

From here you will be able to access Volume. Follow the below-mentioned procedure from here to repair the Failed mac volume 

  1. Select the Volume you want to repair using Disk Utility 
  2. At the top of Disk Utility click on the First Aid button and Run it or Repair it 
  3. Once the first aid is completed, click on Done 
  4. After this restart your macOS to see if your disk is accessible 

After you have repaired the corrupt disk, with Disk Utility if data residing on this disk is valuable to you. You will need to get them back or have a backup placed in first place. In the section below we will guide you solutions to recover data from failed hard-drive on mac 

How to Recover Data from Failed Hard-drive on Mac

  1. Recover data using Time Machine Backup
  2. Restore Data lost on Mac hard-drive with Remo Recover Mac

Time Machine has been one of the best data backup utilities on mac, it can restore any lost or deleted files if you have enabled backup on it. But what if you don't have a backup? You will need reliable data recovery tool to Remo Recover Mac to get them back 

Remo Recover Mac is Mac data recovery tool is a comprehensive data recovery software for Mac OS. It is a universal binary application that supports both Intel and PowerPC Mac hardware platforms. The powerful built-in scanning algorithm helps in finding and recovering deleted files, files lost due to application errors, deleted or missing volumes, re-formatted volumes and re-partitioned Mac drives. Download Remo Recover Mac is programmed with scanning engine, which can effortlessly restore more than 300+ file types effortlessly from your failed hard-drive on mac 


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The article summarizes how to recover and repair your failed hard-disk on the Mac. If you have any further queries regarding the article, make use of the comment section below to get further insights on the article 

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