Simple Methods to Repair Truncated Video Files

As we all know, truncated video files are videos that are broken, distorted, or choppy and don't play normally. You may usually encounter this post incomplete transfer of video file, improper downloading of the video file, or a video file that's damaged during editing. Losing these video files can be disheartening and can prove costly if not addressed immediately.

In this article below, you will know how to repair the truncated video files with ease. Before moving ahead, let us first understand the common scenarios that are responsible for the corruption in truncated files.

How Do I Fix a Truncated Video File?

To repair the truncated or broken video file you will need to follow the simple methods mentioned in the section below

  1. Re-Download/Transfer the video file
  2. Use VLC Media Player to repair truncated videos
  3. Making use of Reliable video repair tool

Download or transferring the video file again

One of the main reasons for the truncated video files is not properly downloading or transferring the video files. Re-download the video file online or transfer the video file completely from the storage device (This may not work if you have “Cut” and “Pasted” the video file) and check if this solves the issue.

Use VLC Media Player to Repair Truncated MP4 or MOV Videos

As we all know, the VLC media player is one of the most versatile media players which comes with an inbuilt option to repair truncated MP4 or MOV video files. In order to fix your truncated video, follow the methods mentioned in the section below.

  1. Open the Truncated video file
  2. In the main interface of VLC, on the top bar go to ToolsVLC
  3. Select Preference
  4. Click on the Input & Codecs tabuse VLC to fix truncated video files
  5. Choose Always Fix and Click on the Save

In most cases, the above-mentioned method will fix the truncated video file. In spite of following the above-mentioned methods, if you still have not fixed your truncated video file, you will need a reliable video repair tool to fix this issue. This issue might usually occur due to header corruption.

Remo Video Repair Tool is a well-known video repair tool that can effortlessly fix any type of truncated video files like MP4 or corrupted MOV file.

The tool is capable of fixing any type of video related to a related broken MP4 header or a corrupted MOV file effortlessly.

Be it damaged, corrupted, or broken video files, Remo Video Repair Software with its sleek performance ensures quick fix of damaged or corrupted MP4. MOV or any videos irrespective of scenarios. The Video Repair Tool also fixes videos with audio-video sync issues or header corruption. Download now and try it!

Repair Truncated Videos with Remo Video Repair Tool

  1. Download the Remo Video Repair tool on your computer and install it.Remo Video Repair
  2. Launch the application and on the main screen click on the Browse option to provide the Truncated video file
  3. After selecting the file click on Repair
  4. Wait for the process to get completed and once it is finished the application will allow you to preview the video file using the Preview option.
  5. Finally, Save the repaired file.

What are the causes of Truncated Video File?

Below listed are the common scenarios reported by multiple users for Video Corruption and Truncated Videos.

  1. Interruption during the transfer of the video file
  2. Partially downloading the video file
  3. Improper editing of the video file can result in a broken or choppy video file
  4. Header Corruption can cause corruption in the video file thereby leaving it distorted.
  5. Virus intrusion can cause audio and video synchronization issues.


Video file getting truncated, broken or corrupted video is a very common and unpredictable scenario and can be easily fixed with the methods mentioned in the above article. Always keep backup of video files, download video files from authorized websites, and handle your storage devices better while transferring the video files. If you have any other queries please utilize

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