How to Restrict Word from Changing Your Formatting?

Microsoft Word is among the most used Computer applications in the world. Everyone uses Word at home and office for various documentation. There are a number of options in the word to make your document adequate according to your task. However, there is an autoformatting function of the word that can annoy you sometimes if you like to stick to some different formatting settings. You can easily avoid this and stop word from changing your formatting.

Some of the most fluent documentation tool that we have includes the MS Word. The auto-formatting option is a great help at times when you want to save some time. There are so many great options to experience here. The capitalization of the first word automatically or an auto hyphen between two words are among the best features.

However, you can see the formatting disruption at certain instances while using a word. If you are using a corrupt word file, there can be formatting issues. A document with an advanced version of the word gives formatting anomaly when used on an older version. For instance, you may get a similar result sometimes after repairing MS Word 2013 doc, Word 2010 or any other

If you like to stick to various formats according to the document, you might want to avoid these auto corrections and auto formatting options. You can switch them off at your convenience with simple steps. Here is how you can do it:

Remove AutoFormat

You can remove the auto format manually by it becomes tedious to pick and remove all the format differences. Suppose the auto format adds an underline to your hyperlinked text, you can undo the action from the undo button or manually choose to remove the underline by selecting the text and pressing CTRL + U.

You can view the auto-correct button on the top of the menu. It is a lightening bold symbol that represents the AutoCorrect option. A menu shows all the possible options, you may select from the options and save your settings.

Restrict AutoFormat

You can permanently switch the auto-correct option manually with word options. This option is easily available in Microsoft word. Here are the instructions to access these options:

Go to the Office Button on your MS Word

Click Word Options

Go to the left pane and select Proofing

Click AutoCorrect Options

Go to the AutoFormat As you Type tab.

You will find a number of options to set for autocorrect function. Change and replace existing settings according to your convenience. There are a number of options for you to set and make your documentation easier.

You can also choose to set it off for your future documentation from the option bars. This allows Word to avoid making any corrections while you type in. Most of the times, this feature is on for you.

If you are using Word 2013, a different menu appears on the top. Click Tools > AutoCorrect Options, you may go to the tab AutoFormat As you Type and access these features.

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