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Planning to buy a new tab? Looking for the light weighted and compact tab which provides highly powered and sharper HD quality screen? Then good news for you; your search ends at this page. This page gives you a brief info about the tab, which you are looking for. Samsung Galaxy Tab is the one which comes with all the features listed above. To know more insight on the Tab, go ahead and read this article.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is an Android based tablet computer, designed and developed by Samsung at the IFA in Berlin. It provides you the best web browsing with flash, multitasking abilities and high speed with HSPA+. These are some of the best features of Samsung Galaxy Tab that provides you the most wonderful visual experience.

Key Features of Samsung Galaxy Tab:

  • Expandable Storage Capacity of 32 GB
  • Display : 7-inch TFT Capacitive Touchscreen
  • Processor : 1GHz A8 Cortex Processor
  • OS : Android 2.2 (Froyo)
  • Camera : 3 MP Primary Camera & 0.3 MP Secondary Camera
  • HD Recording
  • Wi-Fi Enabled
  • USB 2.0
  • Bluetooth 2.1 Connectivity

Why Samsung Galaxy Tab?

Samsung Galaxy Tab has a very small form factor. It’s just a size of a paper book but can possess the computing power of a laptop. It can be operated in a single hand, and are portable enough to be carried comfortably to any place. Some of the features of Galaxy Tab, which makes it the most popular are:

  • Navigation:  Wherever you travel around the world, whether on foot or driving, you will get a voice guidance to reach the destination faster and safer. It is powered by NAVIGON, which is the premium app with preloaded maps along with 2D and 3D map view, for both Car and pedestrian mode. Also provides address search and contact navigation apps.
  • Emails: Designed to provide you the PC-like emails viewing i.e. you could view or read your emails as you were viewing them on your PC. You can even preview the emails in split-screen layouts, read the priority messages without opening them. Also, it supports push emails (Gmail) and auto-pulling i.e. POP3 / IMAP.
  • Multitasking: You can simultaneously view and use the multiple applications and even work on them concurrently in either landscape or portrait view.
  • Phone and video calling / conferencing: You can make use of this tab to make phone calls or video calls with the help of the Bluetooth head set or the speaker phone. Also, since it has a wide screen, you can conduct video conferencing and business meetings from anywhere.
  • ThinkFree – view and edit MS docs: You can use this tab to download, create and edit your documents like PowerPoint, Excel and Word and you can even share them with others. All these are achieved with the help of ThinkFree Online servers, provided by Samsung.
  • Samsung Social Hub: If you are the frequent user of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. then, this is the right tab to buy. You can integrate your contacts from emails, instant messaging and even the social networking sites directly into your phone book  Thus, you can get connected with your friends and family members easily.
  • Integrated Calendar: This integrated calendar synchronizes your Galaxy Tab calendar with your calendar in MS Outlook, Facebook, and Google etc. so that you can bring together all your meetings, events and tasks and maximize your work speed. You can even maintain personal commitments, and prioritize your tasks.

In addition, you can capture videos, pictures as it has 3 MP camera and has the HD recording facilities, which provides you a high quality pictures. It uses micro-SD cards to store your entire data like pictures, videos, songs and other application files (.apk).

Since, it’s your new Tab; you may transfer all your favorite pictures, movies or apps to your Samsung Galaxy tab. All these files will be stored on the external cards. But you need to be careful, as these cards are more susceptible to corruption; either while mounting or unmounting the cards, there are huge chances of mishandling them. Hence, you lose your valuable and favorite files from your tab. Thus, one needs to be even aware of the solution or a way to get back photos from your Android device or any other file which you lost. In such situations,  Remo Recover for Android software can be very helpful to reclaim you lost files from Android device.

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12 comments on “Samsung Galaxy Tab
  1. Shirley says:

    Isn’t there a galaxy phone as well as computer or tablet? I have enjoyed reading all the posts that you have made about the apps. and the things that you can do with your computer and things that you have posted to help us fix them ourselves. You do good work and you know what you are talking about when it comes to things like this.

  2. Robert says:

    This is another phone right like the android? I can’t believe how much you can do on these phones these days and the more you can learn about them the better of you are going to be. This kind of information is great to have and I am looking forward to seeing what you post next. I just recently decided to get a new phone and I am having a hard time deciding.

  3. Robert says:

    For the first time, I am actually considering buying a tablet. I am really quite traditional and I prefer to use a laptop, but recently I started using a low grade smart phone and once I started using the apps and games on the go, I realized I wanted a bigger screen. So I looked into the Samsung Galaxy phone, but the $500 price quickly killed that notion. I would rather invest in a tablet.

  4. James says:

    So does this one actually do more than other tablets that I have seen? I have heard that the Mac tablet is one of the best at doing everything you need it to plus more. I hope that you will continue to post more comparisons as you get them because this is very helpful information to have. I thank you for doing this post and putting all your work into it.

  5. David says:

    I have a MacBook Pro, have owned an iPhone 3GS, and currently have a Samsung Fascinate. Therefore I have experience with both company products and OS’s. Why Apple feels the need to be so restrictive with customization in iOS is beyond me. And no Flash?? Yes, Steve Jobs hates Flash. Yet you allow Mac computer owners the ability to use Flash, so why not on your tablets/cell phones? With as much money as these tablets are, I completely believe the user should have the choice.

  6. Rozanne says:

    As a current iPad owner who also uses the Droid X, I must say that after spending 15 minutes with this thing I absolutely love it. The size is fantastic in that it’s a significantly improved viewing experience over the 4.3 inch Droid X screen (which is also great) and it is easy to hold with one hand and navigate with the other – an added bonus is that it also fits in a suit coat pocket.

  7. Bruce says:

    I guess like many mobile devices and tablets, this Galaxy tablet also comes with Skype as its web chat software interface, no? I hope so cause I have been using Skype for years and so have most people. So the majority of web chatting persons are already conditioned to using Skype. Before I buy one online, I’ll do what most people do and go to the store to play with a demo floor model. Then if I’m happy, I may buy it online.

  8. Sandra says:

    While Samsung undoubtedly has a fantastic flagship smartphone on its hands, some argued that it is an iterative update packed with gimmicky features that might not prompt current Galaxy phone owners to upgrade their smart phones or to consider buying a tablet such as this one. I think I would rather buy a tablet than a five hundred dollar cellphone that has a smaller screen size.

  9. Michael says:

    Isn’t the Samsung Galaxy phone the one they have been advertising as the water proof one on TV? If it is does that mean they are going to make this anything proof as well? I love the idea that I don’t have to worry about my phone anymore that’s for sure I just hope I don’t have to worry about this issues either. Great post thank you.

  10. Bruce says:

    I have been very impressed with the Samsung Galaxy line so far and I am looking forward to upgrading to one of their phones preferably the water proof one. You did some really good work on this post and I am looking forward to seeing more from you in the near future about some of the phone preferably. Thank you for the work you put into this keep it up.

  11. Andrew says:

    My galaxy tab is only 7 weeks and the battery seems to be dying, i have been waiting 1 week for a reply from samsung regarding this issue. The battery drains rapidly during use, and takes a very long time to charge. Also, the new software upgrade has caused some problems. Now I can’t see time, battery life, wifi status when any app is open. Also the keyboard cannot be minimized anymore. The software issue may be fixable, but the battery is not.

  12. Eddie says:

    Samsung has really impressed me over the past couple if years and they are basically keeping up with the Iphone in my opinion and in some cases even better. Thank you for the work that you put into this post it is great and I look forward to shopping for my Samsung as soon as possible. Keep the information coming because this was great.

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