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In Windows 10, you will find search box in taskbar. It is very easy to hide and display this search box depending on your need. Search box makes easier to search your entire system including web. When there are multiple displays, search box will appear on main window. However, in other Windows you will find only search icon. Besides, it will also allow you to enable and disable the Cortana; which helps you to search things on your system and maintains your calendar events.

How Search Works in Windows 10?

There are few points which will give you clear description about Windows 10 search:

Default Search Engine: Windows 10 uses Bing as its default search engine, so it also known as Windows Live Search. Bing provides direct way to access your Windows 10 apps. Windows 10 released with new browser named as Microsoft edge and Bing is highly integrated with Microsoft edge which is reworked version of Internet Explorer. If you want to change your default search engine then follow these steps:

Browser Settings->View Advanced Settings-> Search in the address bar with->Add New->Select Browse->Add as Default

Safe Search: It is possible to change the searching patterns and location in Bing search engine. For changing search settings in browser follow below mentioned guidelines:

  • Go to settings and click on Search Window
  • In Search Window, you will see three options, they are Strict, Moderate and Off. Strict - it removes all the inappropriate text, images and videos from your search results. Moderate- it will removes inappropriate images and video but not text. Off -  Not filters inappropriate contents
  • Enter city name to get more accurate results

Search Results: When you type a keyword to search, it will show results from both web and your computer. So, if you want to get results from only web or only from your computer, then do as mentioned below.

There are two navigation buttons such as Web and My Stuffs. When you click on Web, it will take you to browser and you can search for web results. In case, you want specific results from your system, then select My Stuff. It is possible to filter the search results, for instance, you can search for only documents, images or folder, etc., by using this My Stuff option.

No Search History: When you search through My Stuff, it will not save your search history. So, when you go back to find already visited folders or pages, you will not find the previously viewed ones. If you want to find previously visited documents or pages, you have to start searching from the beginning.

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