Security apps available for Windows

With Windows still dominating the desktop operating systems market share, the Internet has become a goldmine for criminals. When compared to Mac OS X, Windows actually has fewer considerations on security. Yet Windows users don’t have to go running and screaming to Mac OS X to find a more secure operating system, even though that is an option. Instead, Windows users could install a handful of security apps to close that gap. Here are few such apps that offer security to your Windows PCs intruders and other harmful threats.

Read below to know the best security apps that are available for your Windows PCs:

Antivirus / Antimalware

Antivirus is the must app for any Windows users. This is because, as you are connected to internet, use removable external devices, there are more chances of your system infecting by virus or any malware attacks. This will lead to loss of data or corruption of your vital data. Hence, to remove and defend against such infections every Windows user needs to have Antivirus programs installed. Windows offers the default program called Windows Defender that helps you in getting rid of such threats. The secret to a secure computer is defense-in-depth, and antivirus is a critical security app.


If you’re going to connect your Windows laptop to any network that you don’t trust like coffee shop, school, library, your neighbor’s Wi-Fi etc. a host-based firewall is an absolute must. This app helps you to defend against any untrustworthy or malicious sites that could cause infection or damage to your Windows PCs. Currently, every copy of your Windows OS will come with the default Firewall app called Windows Firewall. If needed one can even go for third-party Firewall apps that are available in plenty.


Just imagine you have lost your flash drive or your laptop is stolen!! First thing comes to your mind is data isn’t it? What if they contain your vital and confidential information? This is where your Encryption software comes into picture. With your Encryption app, you can easily encrypt your entire hard drive or your flash drives so that even if any uncertainties occur, your data will be secure and no one else except you can access your data. With this app you can actually secure your data from unauthorized users.

Parental control

Parental control apps are those apps that help you to prevent your child from accessing inappropriate sites or web content. These programs will help you shape their online experience. Microsoft Family Safety (formerly called as Windows Live Family Safety), is free parental monitoring and content-control software that is developed by Microsoft. It provides a simple set of tools for keeping children away from questionable material online. With a professional layout and a great deal of flexibility, this is a great tool for protecting your kids online.

Privacy Cleaner

Many-a-times, you may have junk data, junk browser history or unused files, programs etc. on your Windows computers. Presence of such junk data will hinder your Windows performance. Hence, one has to scan and remove such junk files from the system periodically. Remo Privacy Cleaner is a secure app that can erase junk files, browser activity, cookies, download history, recent items, temp files etc. in just one click. It even offers you a scheduler, so that you don’t have to worry about cleaning your system; the app does it automatically as per the scheduled time.

These are the top five apps that every Windows user needs to have on their systems to secure your Windows data.  With these apps, actually you can make your Windows experience safer and secure.

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