How to Share iCloud Photos with Non-Apple Devices?

Had a great vacation and dying to share your photos with friend and suddenly you realize, not all your friends are using iPhone or Apple products. Now what? Should you just forget about sharing the photos with them? Well, not really. You may in a way share your photos from iCloud to non-Apple devices.

Before we move further with the iCloud photos sharing feature, we’ll look at the shortcoming of it first:

Non-Apple people can only view the photos you share with them (They’ll get a web-based link). They cannot leave a comment, add photos to the ‘shared album’ or interact with the shared albums like your iPhone friends can.

When photos are shared outside the Apple’s territory, anybody with this URL can view your photos. There is no validation on user control. The outsiders will get a web-based link, although it is a long string URL, you don’t have user control over it.

-You cannot regenerate the URL which you shared as it will be permanently allocated to that particular album. It means if you want to turn off the feature as the URL got leaked and you don’t want others to access them, then you have to delete the entire album. If you ever want to use this sharing feature again, you have to create a new album and share it by generating a new URL.

-To put in simple words, this feature of sharing iCloud photos is good for simple use like – sharing you’re the URL to your family members so they can see and your vacation photos.

-Having this in mind, now quickly move on to how to share photos to people with non-Apple devices so that your friend can partake in your social collaboration.

iCloud Photos Sharing to Non-Apple Devices

You have to make a little tweak in order to share your album, as, by default, Apple products are not configured to share photos to non-Apple devices. You also need to inform your friends on where to find them.

Let’s get started. Open the Photos app on your Apple device. Hit the Shared icon on the bottom of the screen.

Now, select any shared albums. Once the album is opened, tap the People tab at the bottom. In this window, you’ll have all the settings needed to share the specific album. In the top row, you’ll see all your apple product user friends as their Apple accounts are linked to this shared album. And for others, you have turn-on the Public Website option.

Once this option is turned on, you’ll see a lengthy URL something like this:[a long random alphanumeric string]/

this link can be shared from your iPhone whichever way you want to – be it through a text message, email, instant messaging just any platform. The recipient has to just click on the link to view the photos in a browser.

The album can be seen as a slideshow with your caption, album name, and a link to let them download the photos.

Use Third Party Tools

If you want a simple photo sharing platform between Apple and Android devices and even desktops, you can Google Photos. This has similar features as an iCloud shared album. You can even comment on photos, collective album building and more. This totally a cross-platform which has identical functionality and looks on both android and iOS.


While sharing your photos, by accident you deleted an album permanently or lost them, you can use this photo recovery software for Mac. It retrieves photos that are corrupted, lost or deleted from the iPhotos app or from desktop folders.

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