Clear Your Browsing History, Cookies and Search History

Whenever you visit a website or search for information on the internet, your web browser automatically records data about the website you visited or any information you searched on the web. This data comes in handy to quickly access the site through history or bookmarks. However, delete browsing history or cookies will safeguard your privacy and also save local storage space. Continue reading the writeup to learn how to delete browsing history, cookies, and search history. How to Delete Browsing History on Various Browser Browsing history is very useful to quickly access any recently used web pages. If suppose you

Simple hacks to manage the Outlook AutoComplete list

enable or disable autocomplete

AutoComplete is one of the most underrated features of Outlook. Without even realizing, we extensively use AutoComplete list in Outlook to send mails every day. It saves the time by suggesting the most relevant email id to the partially entered address in To, Cc and Bcc sections of the send mail window; therefore you can avoid manually looking for a previously entered mail id or email address. At the same time AutoComplete can also be unfruitful and may land you into troubles by suggesting a different sender or a misspelled email address. This doesn’t mean that you have to disable

How to set defaults in Mac | Programs, Calendar, Browser, Mail app

set calendar app

It might be tricky sometimes to choose a program to open a specific file. For example if you like to play a video using VLC player but it always gets played in quick time player. Every time you want to open a file it is quite inconvenient to opt for a desired program other than the one set as default. This article is devised as a guide for the users to set default applications on Mac. How to set default Mac application for specified file types? Firstly, it is of utmost importance to recognize the file types you would want

Issues and Fixes for Office 2016 On Windows 10

If you are using Office 2016, then it wouldn’t be a surprise if you have run into issues, like crashing of MS Word on Windows 10, missing Office applications and so on. Even Windows 10 update might result in Microsoft Office malfunction. In this article, we’ll see some of the Office 2016 issues and their fixes on Windows 10. Issue #1: Microsoft Office 2016 Crashes on Windows 10 After updating to Windows 10, when you try to open a new Office application you’ll encounter an error that stops the application to work properly and leads to crash. As a result

Keyboard Shortcuts for Safari

Keyboard shortcut can be defined as a key or combination of keys which when pressed can invoke a specific event in an easy and quick way. With the use of keyboard shortcuts for Safari browser you can reduce the time and effort you spend on browsing. Additionally, at times you have to hold the keyboard shortcuts or just one press is enough to complete the task that needs several key strokes. Here is a small list of keyboard shortcuts for Safari browser that minimize your work to speed up and enhance the internet experience. There may be many keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 8.1

Keyboard shortcuts are formed by combinations of more than one key or just a single key, which can be used to accomplish specific task quickly. By using keyboard shortcuts you can ease your work by saving time and effort. Each and every operating system, application will have its own set of shortcuts. Even your Windows 8.1 has its own set of shortcuts that help simplify work and increase productivity. Here are some of the simplest and easily graspable keyboard shortcuts for Windows 8.1, just read on… New keyboard shortcuts for Windows 8.1 “Windows logo key + type an app name”

Shortcut keys for Windows 7

Getting familiar with or mastering the keyboard shortcuts not only help you to get the work done faster, but also increases your productivity. In case you rely completely on Windows 7 for all your business and personal work then it’s very much important to know these shortcuts. There are hundreds of shortcuts available for Windows 7, but it’s difficult to remember all of them. Hence, here are some of the important and frequently used Keyboard Shortcuts you might want to check out. General Shortcuts for Windows 7 Function Key Combination To Maximize the current Window Windows  + Up arrow Restore

Microsoft Access 2010 Shortcut Keys

Microsoft Access is one of the applications for managing database system, comes with Microsoft office suite of applications.  Daily if you are using this application to manage database of any records then it is best to know some of the frequently using commands and operation shortcut keys, which saves your time and can perform task quickly. Below mentioned some of the useful shortcut keys for MS Access 2010, and you try to use those keys as much as possible. Manage Database Ctrl + N: to open or create new database Alt + F4: to exit from Access F12: Open the

How to add Macros Shortcuts to Microsoft Office Word?

A macro is a short piece of code that runs in the background of the Word application. You can create macros to open documents, format documents, run formulas or perform anything you can type on a keyboard. If you are performing the same actions frequently, you can just create one macro for these operations and your Word will perform those actions automatically. This doesn’t require any programming knowledge or technicality. You can create a macro by using the macro recorder to record a sequence of actions. When you first create a macro by recording it, you can assign the macro

Shortcuts for Adobe Photoshop 7

Adobe Photoshop 7 Shortcuts are the easy way for working on your Adobe Photoshop without accessing your mouse or touchpad. By using these shortcuts you can reduce the time required for navigating with your mouse and minimizes the searching for a particular tab. If you are a regular mouse user, then you may find it difficult in applying these shortcuts. But once you get used to these shortcuts, you will notice the difference. Actually, there are hundreds of short cuts for using this Photoshop 7 tool, but all are not so important to be remembered. Instead, just make a note