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Shortcuts for Adobe Photoshop 7

Adobe Photoshop 7 Shortcuts are the easy way for working on your Adobe Photoshop without accessing your mouse or touchpad. By using these shortcuts you can reduce the time required for navigating with your mouse and minimizes the searching for a particular tab. If you are a regular mouse user, then you may find it difficult in applying these shortcuts. But once you get used to these shortcuts, you will notice the difference. Actually, there are hundreds of short cuts for using this Photoshop 7 tool, but all are not so important to be remembered. Instead, just make a note of the frequently used ones and try to make use of these every day so that you get used to these shortcut keys.

Caution: In some situations, your photoshop application might crash and result in a corrupted PSD file. Click here for the easiest way to repair corrupted PSD file.

Listed below are some of the commonly used and easily recallable shortcuts:


Key Combination

To Cancel an Operation Esc or Ctrl +. (period)
To Close an image Ctrl  + W
Open an image Ctrl  + O
Print image with preview Ctrl  + P
Page setup Ctrl  + Shift + P
For General Preferences Ctrl  + K
To display all the preferences used Ctrl + Alt + K
Exit from the Photoshop Ctrl + Q
Save As Ctrl  + Shift + S
Insert new Layer Ctrl  + N
Merge the Layers Ctrl  + E
Merge Visible Ctrl + Shift + E
Move Layer via copy Ctrl + J
Move Layer via cut Ctrl + Shift + J
Paste the copied value Ctrl + V or F4
Select All Layers Alt  +  Ctrl  +  A
Invert Selection Ctrl + I
Save the Opened document on Web Ctrl  +  Alt  +  Shift  +  S
To Show / Hide the tool panels Press TAB
Show/hide only Your palette  Use Shift + Tab
To switch to Your next document Ctrl + Tab
To switch to Your previous document Use  CTRL + SHIFT + TAB
To Duplicate the Active Layer Ctrl + Alt + J

Some of the other Shortcuts are:

Keys for Transform Mode: Press Ctrl + T to enter free transform mode or free-transform. You can even scale proportionally from center your transform by pressing and holding Alt + Shift when you are dragging.

Shortcuts to change color Combination: Use Alt + Delete to fill the layer with foreground color and to fill with background color Shift + Delete to fill. You can make use of alt + backspace or Shift + Backspace to fill non-transparent pixels.

  • Press X to switch foreground/background color;
  • Press D to reset foreground/background color to black / white;

Note: Many users encounter the inaccessible PSD file error. However, it is not difficult to repair if a PSD file not opening on Photoshop

Drag selection: With the help of the Marquee tool, drag on the document without releasing the mouse and hold down Spacebar, it will let you drag the undefined selection.

Collapse or expand all layer groups (In Mac): You can collapse or expand all root-level layer groups by holding down Command + click on the triangle icon. Hold down Command + Option + click on the triangle icon will collapse or expand all level layer groups.

Change Brush Size and Hardness: The square bracket keys [ ] are used to increase or decrease the brush size. By adding the Shift key, you can adjust brush hardness.

  • Use [ = , to decrease brush size
  • Make use of the Shift + [ =,  to decrease brush hardness or soften brush edge
  • Use ] = : To increase brush size
  • Shift + ] = : To increase brush hardness

Fill Shortcuts: Filling areas with color is a common Photoshop action so that it helps to know the shortcuts for filling with the foreground and background colors.

  • Alt + Backspace: To fill with the foreground color
  • Ctrl + Backspace : To fill with background-color
  • Shift + Backspace: To open the file dialog box

Shortcuts for Layers: Here are the shortcuts for selecting layers with the keyboard:

  • Alt + [: To select the layer below the currently selected layer (select backward)
  • Alt + ] : To select the layer above the currently selected layer (select forward)
  • Alt + , (comma) : To select the bottom-most layer (select back layer)
  • Alt + . (period): To select the top-most layer (select front layer)
  • Add Shift to these shortcuts to select multiple layers. Experiment to get the hang of the Shift modifier.

You might feel selecting layers is easier to do using Mouse than with these shortcuts. Once you master these you know its effectiveness. However, you have to be very careful while using these keys, since a single mistake will corrupt the Layers of the image. This causes damage to your entire image file. If in case you encounter such instances then just make use of the Remo Repair PSD tool and fix your corrupt PSD file easily. With this utility, users can repair Mac Photoshop files and on Windows-based machines in a very short span of time.

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Although these shortcuts seem to be very difficult and hard to remember, they are very much helpful in reducing the time using your mouse and going through menus. The difficulties are few days but once, if you master them you can use your Adobe Photoshop 7 much efficiently.

Noteworthy warning: Often Photoshop gives us a tough time in the form of ‘scratch disk is full’. If you happen to encounter such an error message, here is an ultimate guide to repairing scratch disk is full in photoshop.

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