Microsoft Word 2010 shortcut keys

Microsoft Word 2010 is one efficient application for Word processor and is used worldwide. Word processors have a diversity of uses and applications within the corporate world, home, and education. Word files are generally used as the format for sending text file via e-mail because nearly all users with a PC can read a Word file by using the Word application.  In this article, I am introducing few shortcut keys to work on MS Word 2010 that makes it easier to access your Word without using mouse or touch pad. With the help of these shortcut keys, you can decrease

Microsoft Outlook keyboard shortcuts

MS Outlook application is one of the most widely used email client in the world, this desktop application comes bundled with Microsoft Office package. Outlook is very useful for communication purpose in business environment, it stores attributes like emails, calendar items, contacts, notes, tasks and many others. To make Outlook more fun to work on, here is a list of all keyboard shortcuts which helps you move faster while working on your Outlook profile. Basic Operations:- Purpose Shortcut Key Go to Mail CTRL+1 Go to Calendar CTRL+2 Go to Contacts CTRL+3 Go to Tasks CTRL+4 Go to Notes CTRL+5 Go

Easy Mac Shortcuts

Mac Shortcuts are the easy way of working on Macintosh without having to access your mouse or touch pad. With the help of these shortcuts you can reduce the time required for navigating your screen with your mouse searching for a particular tab. If you are a regular mouse user, then you may find it difficult to remember these shortcuts. But once you get used to these shortcuts, you will find the difference. There are hundreds of short cuts provided by Mac, but you no need to know all of these short cuts. Instead, just make a note of the

Windows 8 Shortcut keys

Windows 8 released in October 30 2012 and announced that the mainstreamed support will be given until January 9 2013. It was developed to bring the desktop PC’s and the tablet PC close together in all platforms. So the special features of Windows 8 mainly focus on the appearance of applications and their GUI. One of the best advantages of Windows 8 is using the shortcut keys. Though the usage of short cut keys is in practice, it was first introduced in Windows 95. The “Windows key” in the keyboard came prior to that of the Windows 95 release. At

Easy shortcut keys for MS Excel 2010

MS Excel is the Spread sheet application used for storing data in an organized manner designed by Microsoft; these are a very important part of every business activities. Most of the companies decisions depends on the data maintained on these excel spreadsheets. Since, it’s a widely and regularly used application; there will be desperate need for some shortcuts to make work easy and slick. As an alternative to using mouse, you can also use keyboard to operate on excel 2010 spreadsheets. These shortcut keys provide easy and faster navigation on the excel spreadsheet. Literally, there are hundreds of shortcuts exists