Signs Indicating Mac Hard Drive Failure

Hard drive plays a very vital role in storing and retrieving data such as memorable family photos, videos, business documents, favorite movies, audios, games, etc. In current era, there are two sizes of hard drive predominantly available in market for Mac – for desktop PC (3 ½ size) and for notebook computers (2 ½ size). However, at times user comes across some problems that appear to be drive related but may actually be caused by user due to lack of familiarity with the operating system or possibly their unintentional misuse of the system. Other problems might occur due to installation of unreliable third party utilities on their Mac OS X based laptop \ system. Well, if you are not aware of signs that indicate Mac hard drive is going to fail then just read further…

  • Strange Odd Sounds: When the hard drive produces “Screech”, “Click”, “Grind” or “Metallic” sounds on Mac OS based systems, then it is a bad and clear indication that the drive is going to fail immediately.
  • Error Messages: Sometimes your system pop up clear message that your Mac hard drive is about to fail. Few common error messages are “Drive not formatted”, “Operating system not found”, “Primary device or drive not found”, etc.
  • Hard Drive Fails to Detect: This is one of the most common sign of Mac hard drive failure; here system stops recognizing the drive and user will not be able to boot the Mac system. Just in case, if the drive is secondary, then user will not see the drive letter listed. Well, these signs appear due to technical issues.
  • Frequent Freezes, Blue Screen of Death or Slowing Down Mac Computer: These symptoms can be caused due to numerous different issues and there is no particular reason. Nevertheless, in spite of what the issue behind these symptoms is, it is advised to take backup of important files. If the problem persists even after fresh installation then it can be confirmed that hard drive is going to fail.

What to Do?

These are few common signs indicating that Mac hard drive is about to fail, but at times your HDD will fail without any notification or when you are least expecting it. If you have stored your important files on it and don’t have backup, then you will lose your entire data. In such cases, the only option to get back lost data from failed Mac HDD is to employ best and trustworthy “Hard Drive Recovery Software” – Remo Recover (Mac) software; it can easily recover files from failed hard drive data on all available Mac OS X versions.

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