Simple way to Recover Deleted Pictures after Disk Cleanup

File deletion can happen at any time anywhere and through any means. In fact, it comes unexpectedly sometimes! Here’s a scenario from one of the technical forum wherein the user is facing the photo deletion problem after running Disk Cleanup tool…

“After running disk cleanup, that helped in improving my PC’s overall performance, I noticed that some of my favorite pictures also got deleted. I know that disk cleanup is pretty good in erasing data from hard drives and my purpose was to get rid of old files!

Are my pictures gone forever? Is there any way I can recover deleted photos after running disk cleanup utility?”

When we look at the above scenario, we can highlight two important points. The very first one tells that the disk cleanup is a helpful method to remove junk data and help improving the PC’s performance. On the other side, we can notice that the utility can delete the files that are important for you. So now the question is whether to use this tool or not? If you use, then what are the precautionary to be taken? Here’s the answer for all those questions…

A note on Disk Cleanup Utility

The Disk Cleanup utility is an inbuilt Windows system service that was first launched with Windows 98 with the aim of relieving your computer of old, unused files. On running it, an extensive scan of a selected partition or the entire hard drive is carried out and records that have not been opened or used from a long time are deleted. This utility typically clears out temporary internet files, old compressed files, Recycle Bin items, installed applications that have not been used for quite some time, downloaded programs, Downloads folder and Windows temporary.

When you run this utility, your PC’s performance might get a slight boost, and you might find some extra hard disk space at your disposal. This utility is hence often the preferred way to better organize PC data automatically when users don’t have the time to do so manually.

What happens when you run Disk Cleanup without planning?

Even though this utility has its own merits, there is a dark side too. You would have noted the folders from which it deletes pictures and other files mentioned above. So, any of your crucial files in these locations that you’ve not accessed during the past few months (typically great screenshots and personal photos) could end up getting deleted without warning. If you don’t have a backup of such files, you could end up in losing data loss scenario.

So before using this utility, always backup important photos on your external hard drive or any other storage devices. However, if you’ve landed up here looking for a solution to recover deleted pictures after running disk cleanup utility, here we’re suggesting an excellent way to bounce back from such data loss in the next section.

How to recover deleted photos after running Disk Cleanup utility

Download Remo Photo Recovery Software to reclaim deleted photos after running disk cleanup utility. This reliable product recovers not only photos but also other multimedia files like videos and songs from all internal & external drives, memory cards, and digital cameras. Additionally, it is also capable of smartly restoring RAW image file formats and save deleted photos with their original file names intact.

“If you have end up deleting pictures from Recycle Bin and looking to recover them, then make use of Remo Photo Recovery Tool and follow below mentioned steps.”

Here’s how you can use this tool to restore your important photographs

  • Download and install Remo Photo Recovery Application on Windows system
  • Connect the device to the software installed system and run the tool
  • Select “Recover Photos”option from main
  • In order to restore deleted photos, select “Recover Deleted Photos”option
  • Select the drive that you wish to scan. This should be the drive where your photos existed before they were deleted
  • Once the scan completes, you’ll be able to see recoverable items in either “File Type View”or “Data view”
  • Preview any file from the recoverable items list by right-clicking on it
  • Once satisfied, select the files you wish to recover and save
  • Choose the desired location to save the recovered pictures

With the ability to scan drives as large as 2TB in size, this software proves to be your safest way to recover deleted photos!

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