7 Easy Tips & Tricks to Solve Common Photoshop Frustration Problems

Adobe Photoshop has been there with us for more than two decades. Over the years, the software has evolved into a tool that has helped in bringing photography to a new level altogether.

This post is specially written for the people who happen to use the tool frequently. Here we will lists out 7 easy tips and tricks that will help to solve the common issues that you face regularly while working with photoshop.

Problem #1: You want to roam around the page but you can’t without touching the sidebar.

Solution:  You can use the spacebar for accessing the hand tool. When the spacebar is pushed down, you will see that the selector arrow is now looking as a hand. One important thing to remember that in order to roam around, you have to keep holding the right mouse key and keep dragging.


Problem #2: You want a quick way to access colors but you don’t know how.

Solution: The solution is very simple. Just press the ‘fn’ and ‘F6’ together and the ‘Color Picker’ box will be right in front of you.


Problem #3: How to unselect something in the tool?

Solution: This is again a simple one. All you have to do is press the keys 'Ctrl' and 'D' together.


Problem #4: Cannot determine the exact size of the image? 

Solution: You will find the option of 'image size' if you go to the top menu. Once you click on this option, a window will pop-up and there you can see the actual size of the image. Your can also press the keys 'Ctrl' and 'R' which will bring up the scales and then you can see the dimensions.


Problem #5: You cannot click on anything on the canvas to choose it directly?

Solution: Use the 'Move' tool, along with the 'ctrl' key, click on the item you wish to use or access


Problem #6: Want to increase or decrease the intensity of the layer but cannot?

Solution: Go to the layer panel and you could see the opacity slider. You can use the slider according to your convenience.


Problem #7: Want easy access to the 'Move' tool but can't?

Solution:  Just press the 'V' key and you can easily get hold of the 'Move' tool.  But, make sure the Type tool is not in use.

Note: In case, you happen to encounter the scratch disk error which makes the Photoshop files inaccessible, here is an easy way to correct the error scratch disks full in adobe.

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