[SOLVED] Files Deleted from USB not in recycle bin

No doubt USB drives are a great choice for transferring files or saving data backups. But, when it comes to deleting a file, you need to be more cautious. File deletion process on USB drives is not the same process as with your PCs on Windows! Below situation posted on an online forum will better explain this:

“By mistake, I deleted a folder from my USB Flash drive and the folder contained a lot of Word and Excel files that I need. I checked recycle bin, but I didn’t find files there too. Would appreciate if someone can advise any way I can recover these deleted files.”

Yes, when you delete a file from USB, you will not find that file in recycle bin! But why? Read further…
It’s a known fact that whenever you delete any file from system drive on Windows, the file will be moved to Recycle Bin. But, that’s not the case with your USB or flash drives. Before deleting any files from removable drives – memory cards, pen drives, external hard drives etc. on Windows think twice; make sure you don’t need those files anymore.
Actually, Windows treats these USB drives as a removable device and will not be a system drive. Also, the Delete function with USB drives is similar to ‘Shift + Delete’ option. So, when you delete any file from USB, the file will be moved out and not sent to Recycle Bin. This is why you will not see those deleted files in Recycle bin.
So, now are my deleted files on USB gone forever?? No, technology always has a solution to every problem!
How do I get back my Deleted files on USB drives?

You can easily find the files deleted from USB by using Remo Recover tool. You just have to download this tool and install it to recover lost / deleted folders from USB drives.

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Whenever you delete any file from USB drives, the file will not be removed permanently but the location will only be marked as available for saving other files. Remo Recover, designed with a high-end data recovery technology will scan your flash drive and extracts data from all such marked areas to retrieve your USB files. It can be your pen drive, memory card, External hard drive or any storage device, this tool will come in handy to get back all your files without any hindrances.
• Restores all types of files including documents, excel sheets, PDFs, photos, videos, and many more 300+ types of files
• Supports recovering deleted files from FAT, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS 5 file systems
• Recovers deleted files from USB drives of various brands like Transcend, Lexar, SanDisk, Kingston,, PNY, Sony, HP and other brands
• Friendly interface offers hassle free recovery
• Provides free preview of all recovered files
Quick Steps to recover files deleted from USB not in Recycle Bin
To get back files that were deleted from USB flash drives you need to first download Remo Recover tool on your PC, Install and Launch the tool. Then just follow the easy steps explained below:
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Step 1: From the main screen select ‘Recover Files’ option among the three options displayed

Step 2: Now, you can chose ‘Recover Deleted Files’ option to recover deleted USB drive files

Step 3: Now, select the USB drive from which you deleted files

Step 4: Software starts scanning the drive and after completion, a list of all files recovered will be displayed

Step 5: Preview the files and Save the required ones at any location

Now, you will get back all your deleted USB drive files. However, the entire process will require just a few simple clicks. The tool will do all scanning and extracting process, you just have to select options (guided in the descriptive screens) that’s it and your files will be back. Nevertheless, it’s always better to be safe and be extra careful while dealing with your data on USB or any other device for that matter.

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