Solved – My Camera not Reading the Memory Card

The number of DSLR camera users have increased tremendously over the last few years and is showing no signs of stopping. Top manufacturers of these cameras are competing with each other to pack in best features at an affordable rate. With such advancements in camera technology, memory cards or SD cards are not far behind. They can now store humongous amount of information.

You might have come across a situation wherein your camera can read only certain memory cards and when other cards are inserted, it cannot access the data within. Why does it happen?

Well, cameras come with pre-defined settings. One of them is the amount of data storage. Some cameras cannot read data that is larger than 32 GB. These cards fall under the SDXC format (Secure Digital Extended Capacity). Cards such as SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) have storage capacities of 4 GB to 32 GB. Hence, if your camera is configured to use SDHC cards, it cannot read the large capacity SDXC cards.

If a device reads SDXC cards, it can read SDHC cards as well, but the backward compatibility doesn’t work.

Other simple tips:

If you get a message “This card cannot be used” or “This card cannot be read, it could also be due to the following reasons.

  • Just confirm if the card is properly inserted. Take your memory card out of the camera and re-insert it. There is only one way the camera card goes in! Do not force the card in.
  • Make sure it is a valid memory card and industry approved one.
  • Take out your memory card and clean it using a dry cloth. Check if there is any dust left on the cloth. Now re-insert your memory card.

Recovery of lost data using Remo Recover

If your data was lost or deleted in the process, there is a very reliable software to restore all your data. Remo Recover is a great tool to retrieve all your lost files with an extremely easy-to-use interface.

If you formatted your sd card containing MOV files, don’t panic just yet. You can recover mov files from a formatted sd card using Remo Recover software.

The recovery tool aids in recovery of video files from corrupted sd card as well.

If you had accidentally formatted your card, Remo Recover software can restore all lost data from formatted/re-formatted cards as well. You can also recover RAW image files using this software.

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