Solved – Windows Cannot Play AVI Files

Windows Media Player is capable of handling various video formats. However, it does not support few media formats. AVI is one such format which Windows fails to play.

Let us explore solutions to this problem.

  1. Windows Media Player(WMP) Updates

The error occurs when AVI has not associated with Windows Media Player anymore.

To overcome this issue, open WMP. Press Alt to show the menu.

From Tools menu, choose Options. A window pops up. Click File Types tab. Make sure Windows Video File (.AVI) is ticked. If it isn’t, check it and click OK.

Another way is to update to the latest version of WMP. In your WMP, press Alt to show the menu if you can’t see it and choose Help. Check for any updates and follow on-screen instructions.

  1. Install K-Lite Codec Pack

K-Lite contains most of the codecs needed to view your video. To add K-Lite to Windows, follow these steps:

  • Download the latest version of K-Lite Codec Pack onto your hard drive.
  • Now open your K-Lite installer and click Next.
  • Choose the Normal mode and press Nex
  • In the drop-down menu, select default profile 1 and click Next.
  • A new window pops up asking you to customize options. Press Next to visit next setup page.
  • Now select your Windows Media Player check box for file associations and press Next.
  • You can now select all the supported audio and video file formats. To select all formats, click Select All.
  • Click Next to finish setup.
  • Now press Finish to close your K-Lite setup window.
  1. Convert your AVI file to a different format

One of the easiest ways to access the file that is not playing on your WMP is to convert it to a format that WMP easily recognizes, like WMV.

  • Click here to convert your AVI file to WMV.
  • Click Choose file button and select your AVI file. Press Convert file.
  • The file is now converted to WMV. Open the file using WMP.
  1. Open AVI file using VLC Media Player

The VLC player can play most video formats out there. You can fix your broken AVI files with VLC player. Note that this is only a temporary solution and problems may still exist when you try playing your AVI file on WMP.

  • Download and install the latest version of VLC Media Player.
  • Now drag and drop your AVI file onto your VLC Media Player.
  • If it has a broken index, a broken or missing AVI dialog box pops up.
  • Now choose Build index and then play
  • Select Input/Codecs tab and go to Files section.
  • Select Always Fix from Damaged or incomplete AVI drop-down menu.

Fix AVI file issues using Remo Repair AVI software

You can easily overcome all the errors that occur with your AVI file by using Remo Repair AVI software.

The repair software employs a read-only mechanism wherein your damaged or corrupted AVI video file is repaired without modifying your source video.

It offers a simple solution on how to fix avi files that won’t play.

Remo Repair AVI fixes broken, damaged, truncated, files with header corruption as well as AVI files that play with only audio or video.

The user interface is pretty simple to use. Just download the software, follow on-screen instructions to seamlessly repair your AVI file.

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