Steps to Disable or Delete an OST file

There are times when you have to delete / disable an OST file due to inevitable reasons. If the OST file is no longer required, then you would want to disable it. And, sometimes, if the OST file becomes corrupt beyond the chances of repair, then the only option is to delete OST file.

If your OST file is corrupted the best chance for you to backup is the OST file is through transferring the OST file to PST file and saving it as PST file.

To Disable OST file, follow these Steps –

Step 1: The first step is to synchronize OST file from Offline folders to Server folders. You can use any of the procedures listed here –

  • In order to synchronize a particular folder, select Tools menu à Send / Receive, and click required folder
  • For synchronizing all folders you have set for offline use, select Tools menu à Send / Receive option and then click on Send / Receive All option
  • If you want to synchronize a Send / Receive group of folders, then select Tools menu à Send / Receive followed by clicking on the name of Send / Receive group

Step 2: Once you have synchronized the changes, go to Tools menu à Email Accounts à View or change existing email accounts and then click Next

Step 3: Click on Microsoft Exchange Server in the list, and click Change

Step 4: A dialog box appears in which you have to click on More Settings

Step 5: Now click on Advanced tab followed by Offline Folder File Settings

Step 6: Select Disable Offline Use button

If you have enabled working offline mode, and specified Outlook to prompt you whether you want to work offline / online, then you have to change the settings now.

So on the Tools menu, click Email Accounts à View or change existing email accounts à Next à MS Exchange Server and click Change. Click More Settings button followed by General tab. In the When Starting option select Automatically detect connection state option.

If the OST file is corrupted beyond the likelihoods of repair and you want to delete it, then here you go…

Deleting Corrupted OST File –

Step 1: To delete corrupted OST file, make sure to first quit Outlook if it is running

Step 2: Next, click Start button and select Run option


Step 3: In the Run window’s Open field, enter this command - "%APPDATA%\Microsoft\Outlook\" and click on OK


Step 4: The Explorer window appears now; here locate the OST file you wish to delete. Select it, and press Delete button.

Step 5: You get a notification asking if you are sure of deleting the file. Click Yes to delete the OST file.

There’s another method you can try out to fix corrupted OST file. That is by converting corrupt OST to PST file. Yes, you can even repair OST file by converting the OST file to PST with the help of Remo Convert OST to PST and then import the PST file to access data. Here are the steps to fix corrupted OST file –

  • Download Remo Convert OST to PST software and install it on your system
  • Launch the application. Choose Open OST File option if you know the location of the file, else select Find OST File
  • In the following screen, browse to select a destination path to save the converted file
  • Click on Convert button to start the conversion process

If you are still unable to fix the file, then you can delete it. The point of converting OST to PST is that you can import OST data to Outlook profile, access it, and then go ahead with the deletion if you really want to delete the file. However, by converting OST into PST at least you will have your Outlook data in hand even after deleting / corrupting the OST file. Make a decision on what method to rely on as per your need.

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