How to Sync Windows 10 with iPhones, iPod or Android

Whether it is a three-year old iPhone, iPod or any Android device, you can now Sync Windows 10 with all these mobile devices. It is obvious in this multi-device world, you are attached to your iPhone, iPad or any Android phones – you prefer your experience to go wherever you want. That is the reason why Microsoft has designed a special app using which you can easily sync any content between Windows 10 PC and your mobiles.

Microsoft phone companion app lets you access the same playlist, pictures, videos, and documents on Windows 10 PC as well as on Apple or Android phones. Not only this, you can copy pictures, videos, and other stuff automatically from phone to PC, install the mobile version of MS Office on your iPhone or Android set, put Cortana on Android or iPhone and listen to same songs on your PC and mobile devices.

Simple Steps to Sync Windows 10 with iPhones, iPod or Android ?

The first thing needs to be done is, connect your device (iPhone, iPod or android phone) that is to be synced, to your computer. Now search for MS Phone Companion under Windows App Store, download and launch it.

The application must automatically connect to your plugged-in phone and must tell you about the storage space in use and how much is left as free space. You will be presented with options to import photos and videos from mobile device to Windows PC and also to transfer other files with File Explorer.


Now click on import photos and videos. A window with all pictures and videos of your phone will be displayed. Choose the ones you want to move to your computer, and then all the selected files will land up in Windows Pictures folder. Further, when you choose Transfer other files with File Explorer option, the explorer gets launched and shows your connected phone. Select and copy the files you wish to transfer to your PC.

“During this process, if at all you have deleted any important video files stored on PC mistakenly or accidentally then remember you can restore those video files from Recycle Bin folder easily.”

Then, click on Hide and conceal the bottom half of the application. Now you can go through the options one by one and install different apps on your phone.

First of all, make sure that you are using the same Microsoft Account on your PC as well as your phone or tablet. To do this, click on Get Started button for Cortana to install voice assistance on your device. After confirming that you are using the same MS Account on both the devices (PC and Phone), fill out next few screens. Sign in to Cortana on your device once the download gets completed.

Next, there will be an option that is meant to get your Windows 10 PC connect with the photos you take with your phone automatically. To accomplish this task, click on Get Started and fill out the necessary screens that pop up. That’s it, now all the videos as well as pictures from your phone will be sent to OneDrive storage and also to the Windows pictures folder.

Then, the very next option will be for copying songs. You can listen to the songs stored on any device on your Windows PC. Then you will be displayed with File explore windows where you can copy any songs on PC to OneDrive music folder. Form OneDrive music folder, you can easily access any songs through Windows Groove app.

Coming to next option, it is all about syncing your OneNote data among OneNote app of your PC and the mobile version on your device. Apart from these, there will be separate options to sync with Skype version of your mobile. Even you can access Word, Excel, and PowerPoint of the phone on PC.

So precisely, we can say that it is possible to access all app available on your phone through Windows PC by syncing them through Windows Phone Companion application.

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