Imaging vs. Backup software

Imaging and Backup may sound same but in real they are different. There are a lot of differences between imaging data and data backup. Imaging is the secondary storage of the needed data on a single roof. All the data will be bound in a single file format such as an ISO, DAA disk image file types. There is several images backup software available in the internet market for free as well as a paid one.  At the same time data backup refers to the secondary data of the needed one which are stored as it is. For example if

How to Allocate an Unallocated Hard Drive?

A hard drive will be completely successful only if it is allocated. Hard drive space allocation means making it ready for data storage purpose. On the hard drive space allocation process the size, label and the file system for data structure purpose will be given to that particular hard drive volume or partition. Different operating systems use different methodologies for allocating the unallocated space in the hard drive. Here a detailed procedure to allocate an unallocated hard drive is provided with the procedural steps. Powerful recovery software like Remo Recover can restore those kinds of lost data. In addition, using

How to Sync iTunes with Multiple Computers?

A recent update from Apple Inc has said that the iTunes facility can be availed in 119 countries all around the global. iTunes is one of the services provided by the Apple Inc. This iTunes helps the user to entertain their selves by providing lot of media storage facilities such as songs, videos etc. This kind of facilities doesn’t end here; apart from this the Apple users can perform lot of file operations on their media files such as storing sharing, retrieving etc. and this can be done among various platforms. One of the major milestones of iTunes is syncing

Ways to extend life of your PC

Is your computer slowing you down? Do you feel frustrated and end up completely disturbed every time you go on your computer, due to its terrible performance your system gives you? Perhaps you might even have decided to buy a new one. However, doing so can build up on both time and money. Hence, purchasing a new computer might not be a good idea but you can try to extend your computer life! Yes, fortunately, there are ways to extend your computer’s lifespan, rather than buying a new one. If you wish to boost your system’s lifespan for few more

How to backup Windows Machine?

Most of you might have lost your important data from your Windows machine either unintentionally or sometimes intentionally delete the files thinking them as unimportant and then regret. In these situations backup could be used to restore the files back. Even though people know that it’s important to backup their data, many do not bother. Only when they lose files they realize the importance of backing up the files. It’s just a few step procedures to backup your Windows machine data. You can back up your computer and create a disk image which allows you to restore your files in

Troubleshooting device driver issues

Troubleshooting device driver issues Often when you connect any external device on your computer you might receive error messages indicating driver corruption or it might go unrecognized by your computer. In such instances the problem can be traced back to incorrectly installed device drivers. The Device Manager in Windows is the one that will report about the devices that are not working correctly. However, many of these problems can be solved just by updating or reinstalling the drivers in the Device Manager. This page provides an overview of the troubleshooting steps to resolve driver issues. Step 1: Open the Device

Steps to create a Bootable Windows CD

I believe most of you would be aware that, in order to install Windows OS, one needs to boot the computer off of the CD. But, in case you have lost your Windows installation CD and you only have the files of a Windows CD as a backup copy, then what will you do? Unfortunately, these files are not simple files and cannot be simply burned into a new CD as it won’t boot. So, now what can be done? Don’t worry; there is no need to worry about such instances! Here is a perfect way using which you can

How to make Windows 8 faster?

Windows 8 is the latest version of OS introduced by Windows NT family. The new Windows 8 comprises many unique features and functionality that is totally different from all other versions of Windows OS. Despite holding all useful advanced features there are few factors that can possible slow down your Windows 8 performance. Let’s see what could that be and how we can overcome them? Remove Virus: Virus will enter your system and affect most of your systems files and folders and corrupts some of your system drivers too. This is one of the major reason why your PC slowdowns.

How to clean up RAM memory on Windows PCs?

Random access memory, or RAM, is the short-term or operating memory on your personal computer, and it is accountable for how the PC runs. As you continue to use your Windows PC, the available RAM (Random Access Memory) decreases. This happens as you install new programs, download applications, keep some unused files or create new files. Over time, your computer begins to slow down. Programs take longer time to launch and in the worst scenarios your computer runs into errors. Such slow-running PCs are frustrating, and misused RAM is a key culprit why computers become sluggish. With a few simple

Security apps available for Windows

With Windows still dominating the desktop operating systems market share, the Internet has become a goldmine for criminals. When compared to Mac OS X, Windows actually has fewer considerations on security. Yet Windows users don’t have to go running and screaming to Mac OS X to find a more secure operating system, even though that is an option. Instead, Windows users could install a handful of security apps to close that gap. Here are few such apps that offer security to your Windows PCs intruders and other harmful threats. Read below to know the best security apps that are available