Fix The Error Message “The parameter is incorrect”


“The Parameter is incorrect” Sooner or later every Windows user must have come across this message while trying to access or open a drive. It is one of the frequently occurred error messages and various reasons contribute to it. Before we dig in to contemplate on the various solutions that could help to get rid of this situation, let us first shed some light on the reasons that cause this error. File system corruption: Now what does a file system do? It organizes and manages the data on every partition of the OS. Every partition adopts a certain type of file

Troubleshoot DLL Errors

Do you encounter error messages related to DLL file every time you perform a particular action on your computer like launching a particular program? Or your application crashes every time you use a particular program? Then this may be due to DLL errors! DLL stands for “Dynamic Link Library”, and these files are used for packaging the code so that it can be shared with other programs. Usually these are application files are similar to .exe file and have .dll extension. Some of these DLL files are unique to an application and some are the core .DLL files which are

Tips for fixing common driver problems

In system, many hardware devices are connected and they need special drivers to work properly. In case if any hardware device does not work properly, then it is due to driver problem. Here I have tried to give simple solutions to fix common problems of device drivers in system. Before that, let us know about some Device Driver problems or errors of some drivers Printer driver issues: Error 1 – Windows Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for any inconvenience Error 2 – Spoolsv.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are

Fix Outlook Sync Errors

fix outlook sync error

Synchronization is a built-in process in Microsoft Outlook that happens regularly whenever the PST files or OST file gets updated. That is as and when the Outlook sends and receives emails or any other folder is updated, simultaneously it even updates the Exchange Server about these changes. For example, when you edit, delete, send or receive an email in Microsoft Outlook, the changes will also be updated on the Microsoft Exchange Server. At times, due to some reasons this process might get interrupted or your Outlook may fail to perform synchronization successfully. Depending on your email account settings, the amount

Know how to fix disk boot failure

The word “disc boot failure” is terrifying for most computer users. Actually a disc boot failure notification generally means that your hard drive and operating system might have become useless. It can occur due to various reasons like system instability after a new application or device driver was installed or updated, and if an application was originally loaded from a disk and now it is outdated etc.  in such cases a disk boot failure would occur. Fortunately there is no need to worry much about this, as there are a variety of ways to troubleshoot your system in order to

Outlook won’t open

“Cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook. Unable to open the Outlook window. The set of folders could not be opened. The server is not available. Contact your administrator if this condition persists.” Outlook won’t open anymore That moment where you encounter an error indicating that your Outlook will not open, will be very distressing right? Of course yes, because Outlook is the one that store all your important mails containing vital information. Moreover nowadays, it has become more interactive by providing attributes like reminders, appointments, tasks, calendar and more importantly your contacts.  This is why your Outlook becomes very important. If

Tips to prevent memory card corruption

Many users use many storage devices to store their data such as photos, videos, documents etc. Memory card is one of the most usable storage device but many of them lose their data from it due to many reasons such as accidental deletion, formatting memory card, virus attacks. In addition, data may get lost from memory card after getting corrupt also. If you don’t know how to prevent memory card from corruption then read next paragraph and know some few tips to prevent your memory card getting corrupt and avoid data loss. Follow below mentioned tips and tricks to avoid

Why does my Android phone keeps rebooting automatically?

Android Ah! What a wonderful piece of operating system to own and use, in fact it is now the most widely used mobile OS on the planet. Android is an open source mobile operating system based on Linux technology and especially designed for touchscreen devices like Smartphone’s, Tablet computers etc. There are many versions available in an android OS starting from Apple Pie (1.0) to the latest Jelly Bean (4.2). But many a times these high end devices encounter many issues and one such common problem is, “Android phone rebooting automatically” Therefore let us have a look at main reason

How to troubleshoot ntldr.dll missing error?

NTLDR is the abbreviation of NT loader. It is the boot loader for all operating systems in the Windows NT family. Widely found in Windows XP operating systems. NTLDR.dll is the file is a loader that contains the list of other files that are to be loaded first. The NTLDR’s first action is to load boot.ini file. It also helps the user to boot up with pre-configured settings to the kernel. The NTLDR also allows the user to choose between different operating systems. The NTLDR can boot the operating system that is configured by boot.ini file. For e.g. NTLDR can

Why my computer suddenly shows Blue Screen with system memory dump error?

The Blue Screen of Death is commonly called as the “message box in full screen mode” by the technical people. Whenever you come face to face with such screen, say by yourself, you are going to have a major or minor data loss immediately. The blue screen with system memory dump error screen will pop just before the system gets rebooted or sometimes during any operation. This is because the operating system will no longer function properly at that instance of time. The content of RAM will be dumped on to a single data file. So that the .dll files