Transfer music to your Android phone

New Android users might often get confused about how to transfer music to their Android phones. Since syncing is not done automatically in the Android, hence one needs to transfer them manually. To achieve this you will have to execute some easy steps before transferring the songs to their Android devices. Android supports songs of various formats like MP3, M4A, MP4 and WAV files. There are three different ways of doing this. You can actually make use of any of these or all of these ways to transfer your music files to your Android phones. They are: Via USB cable:

Easiest way to Re-install Windows OS without Losing Data

Virus and malware attacks are one of the major reasons behind corruption of Windows Operating System. Due to this issue, the system’s performance becomes very slow, and the application will delay opening. Therefore, the user wants to re-install the existing OS without losing existing data and makes the system to work efficiently. In case you do not know how to reinstall OS without losing data, then follow below-mentioned guidelines and makes your system’s performance best by retaining stored files. Step 1: Take a backup of all the personal files on your computer It is a best practice before performing any

Various file systems available on Windows

Planning to install Windows on your system? Do you know what file systems does Windows support? If not, then are in the right page. This page provides you a brief description about the various file systems that are supported by Windows. Before going to the details about types of the Windows file systems, first know about this file system. What is a File system? File system is a method or way of storing and organising files on your storage media to facilitate easy retrieval of files. each of the physical storage media whether it is memory cards, SD cards, thumb

Why iPod freezes up? What are the ways to avoid it?

At times when you are listening to your favorite music on iPod, your iPod might stop playing the music and would become inaccessible and might not respond to any requests given here after. Then the iPod is said to be frozen. Even the most popular and the best audio players have their own limitations, as with iPods also. In some cases, it can be fixed with reboot or by charging the battery. But sometimes, you will have to replace the iPod and also you might lose all your favorite music, pics and videos from it. Actually, there is no one

How can I make my virus infected pen drive usable?

Many people frequently use pen drives to store and transfer a wide and variety of data between computers. Pen drives offers many useful features like high storage capacity, portable, speed etc. However since these devices are plug and play, they are more prone to virus infection than any other devices. Viruses on pen drive can severely damage the files stored on it and worse make the drive inaccessible and unusable. A pen drive infected with virus has the following symptoms. The files in pen drive are displayed in weird characters like “ΩäCÄφyu.┼” or “√¬O+úφ.$⌡”and so on When you try to

Five Simple Ways to Prevent Corruption of Outlook PST File

Outlook is one of Microsoft’s leading messaging and collaboration client. It is a stand-alone application that is included in Microsoft Office and Exchange Server. Many users are utilizing this application, which helps you to communicate and share information effectively. In addition, it helps you to search and organize information so that you can work effortlessly with office application. Because of all these advantages, we can say Outlook is the perfect client for many business users. Outlook contains many attributes such as inbox items, deleted items, calendar items, RSS feeds, notes, tasks etc. It stores all this information by forming respective

How to backup and restore your files on Mac OS?

Backups are the best way of securing the data from data loss situations. Inspite of working hard to make sure to keep your computer clean and execute with high performance, you may encounter some unavoidable situations which leads to data loss. Disk failure is the main cause and might happen unexpectedly due to some unknown reasons, it results in loss of your vital data. There are situations where even the best storage devices have failed leading to huge loss of data. In case, Mac OS disk fails or you accidentally formatted your Mac machines, then what will you do? You

Do’s & Don’ts of Data Recovery

In this era of modern technology computer data is very important. A data in a computer can be of anything like business documents, music, movies, software’s, video clips, game files etc. These data files are very important as it can easily be a reason for a company’s growth, a project to run successfully etc. However many a time users take wrong steps which results in data loss from their computer or any other storage device, but to overcome such data loss mishaps this article provides you the Do’s and Don’ts of data recovery. Do’s: RELAX Do try to back up

Know how to reduce video file size

Video files are among the largest files which are stored on computer; they easily fill up hard disk space and slow down your PC. This eventually makes you want to reduce video file size. Other than free space there are many other reasons for reducing the size of the video file. Some of the other prominent reasons are: Large video files are almost impossible to distribute over internet Video sites like YouTube won’t permit uploading of video files of large size You cannot transfer video files of large size over email Hence, reducing a video file helps you accomplish the

How to encrypt a file or folder?

Do you have sensitive and confidential data on your computer or laptop? It can be your resume, financial records, pictures, business related data, bank statements or any important files or folders. What if you lose your laptop or your computer has multiple users? Then, all your data can be accessed by any one; there are likelihoods of misusing your vital files and folders. Thus, your data is under risk. Hence to avoid such situations you have to protect them from unknown users. But how, is there any software to secure my data? No, there is no need of any software;