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5 Ways to Recover Images from SD Card

recover SD card and images

Finding yourself in a state of panic on recovering lost or damaged images on the SD card? Well don’t be – this does happen and is recoverable. After all, we love taking pictures whether, they are of family, friends, nature or food. Every person is fond of his/her own collection of photos and why shouldn’t they be? After all, they hold a very special place in our memories. The question that arises here is, where do we store all these pictures? The answer is simple SD card. We all turn to SD cards for storing all our precious memories. Also,

How to Fix “Unknown JPEG Format” Error


Okay, before we address this error or rather an issue, let us answer this question: What do we know about the JPEG file format? Apart from the fact that JPEG stands for “Joint Photographic Experts Group”, most of us are ignorant about how and where a JPEG file is useful to us. Well, let me sum the answer in brief for you. The JPEG file format is used where having a reduced file size is a bigger priority compared to that of the quality of the picture. It is used for still images, for the shading effect (light and dark),

Should You Convert Lossy Images into Lossless Format?

convert lossy images into lossless format

Most of you’d know the basic differences between JPEG and GIF files. Especially, if you are a photographer, it is a must to understand the difference between lossless and lossy image formats. Using a different type of image compression from these may damage your file’s quality in a miserable way. And, we’ll also tell you whether it’s a good option to convert from a lossy image type into a lossless one. What are Lossless Formats? If an image file type preserves all of the file’s original data, it’s a lossless format. RAW image types are typical examples of it. If

How to Create ISO Image of Disks on Windows

How to create iso image file in windows

ISO files are images of physical disks on the computer. These images can be created out of CD/DVD or any physical disc. These files are a complete compilation of the CD or DVD in a single file. This file will be an image of the written sectors of the physical disc. This manual will explain how to create ISO image file from disc on windows. An ISO image allows you to convert the physical unit of disks into virtual ones. Creating an ISO image is a conventional practice for computer users from a long time. It is useful in many ways

The Best Image Formats for Printing and Web

best image formats for printing and web

Whether you’re a photographer or a graphical editor, you’ll be aware of the top image formats in the industry, say for example – JPEG, TIFF, PSD, GIF, PNG, etc. But, which among these will come under your personal preference while saving/editing an image? Let’s skip raw images this time and go with the formats specified above – since hardly anyone uses raw images over the web or in print media. Let’s check each format one by one: JPEG JPEG(Joint Photographic Experts Group) format is the most commonly used image format on web and print media. The main advantage of choosing

Here’s a guide on when to use JPEG, GIF & PNG files.

Can you imagine the world without images? The world without photographs? It’s like a world without stories, a world without memories. Images are meant to tell stories, a reason to reminiscence about the past. They are the evidence of the beautiful times you have spent. This post is dedicated to shed light on the different image file formats spanned over the years. Let us begin with JPEG file format. JPEG JPEG stands for “Joint Photographic Experts Group” and it was developed in the year 1986. It is actually based on the name of a compression algorithm created by the Independent