How to synchronize iPod to Mac iTunes?

Are you facing problem in synchronizing iPod to Mac iTunes? Or after following sync procedure your iPod device is not detecting by iTunes? Then follow this article and get a clear idea about synchronizing iPod to Mac machine using iTunes. You can synchronize your iPod to Mac machines in two ways, which are: USB Syncing Wi-Fi Syncing Before setting up syncing of the iPod, download and install the latest version of iTunes on your system. In Wi-Fi syncing procedure, iTunes 10.5 or above version is required. Whenever you synchronize, entire content is synced between iPod and Mac machine in order

What is the procedure to take out iPod from Recovery Mode?

iPod is among the most trendy and classy device, which is loved by millions of people worldwide. You can customize your music collection, create playlist and enjoy listening to them anywhere and at any time, these media player’s often helps you relax in tense situations. However many times you may also experience several issues with your iPod players and encounter error message like, “iTunes has detected an iPod in recovery mode – Use iTunes to restore” when you connect your iPod to your system. The above error states that the iPod is stuck in recovery mode and you need to