The Ultimate Windows Keyboard Shortcut Cheat Sheet

If you are constantly working on Windows operating system, it becomes a tedious job to constantly switch from keyboard to handle mouse/ track/touch for every small operation. Let’s have a look at some Windows keyboard shortcut cheat sheet. Working on windows involves a great deal of using mouse or track pad. This is due to the interactive user interface. With evolution of touch screen technology, there is added advantage of input using touch screen. So overall operating Windows involves a combined use of keyboard and mouse/track pad/touch for a better user experience. But you lose a good deal of time

Shortcut keys for Windows 7

Getting familiar with or mastering the keyboard shortcuts not only help you to get the work done faster, but also increases your productivity. In case you rely completely on Windows 7 for all your business and personal work then it’s very much important to know these shortcuts. There are hundreds of shortcuts available for Windows 7, but it’s difficult to remember all of them. Hence, here are some of the important and frequently used Keyboard Shortcuts you might want to check out. General Shortcuts for Windows 7 Function Key Combination To Maximize the current Window Windows  + Up arrow Restore

Microsoft Access 2010 Shortcut Keys

Microsoft Access is one of the applications for managing database system, comes with Microsoft office suite of applications.  Daily if you are using this application to manage database of any records then it is best to know some of the frequently using commands and operation shortcut keys, which saves your time and can perform task quickly. Below mentioned some of the useful shortcut keys for MS Access 2010, and you try to use those keys as much as possible. Manage Database Ctrl + N: to open or create new database Alt + F4: to exit from Access F12: Open the

How to add Macros Shortcuts to Microsoft Office Word?

A macro is a short piece of code that runs in the background of the Word application. You can create macros to open documents, format documents, run formulas or perform anything you can type on a keyboard. If you are performing the same actions frequently, you can just create one macro for these operations and your Word will perform those actions automatically. This doesn’t require any programming knowledge or technicality. You can create a macro by using the macro recorder to record a sequence of actions. When you first create a macro by recording it, you can assign the macro

Shortcuts for Adobe Photoshop 7

Adobe Photoshop 7 Shortcuts are the easy way for working on your Adobe Photoshop without accessing your mouse or touchpad. By using these shortcuts you can reduce the time required for navigating with your mouse and minimizes the searching for a particular tab. If you are a regular mouse user, then you may find it difficult in applying these shortcuts. But once you get used to these shortcuts, you will notice the difference. Actually, there are hundreds of short cuts for using this Photoshop 7 tool, but all are not so important to be remembered. Instead, just make a note

Easy Shortcuts for MS PowerPoint

MS PowerPoint provides a number of useful keyboard shortcuts to carry out tasks quickly and in an easier way. Here are some shortcuts includes PowerPoint formatting, editing and file and document tasks. Moreover, after you have created a PowerPoint slideshow, you can make use of many shortcut keys to perform actions after running a slide show. PowerPoint Formatting Shortcuts Bold -> Ctrl + B Italic -> Ctrl + I Underline -> Ctrl + U Center -> Ctrl + E Left Align -> Ctrl + L Right Align -> Ctrl + R Justify -> Ctrl + J Normal -> Ctrl +

Microsoft Word 2010 shortcut keys

Microsoft Word 2010 is one efficient application for Word processor and is used worldwide. Word processors have a diversity of uses and applications within the corporate world, home, and education. Word files are generally used as the format for sending text file via e-mail because nearly all users with a PC can read a Word file by using the Word application.  In this article, I am introducing few shortcut keys to work on MS Word 2010 that makes it easier to access your Word without using mouse or touch pad. With the help of these shortcut keys, you can decrease

Best use of Picasa

Most of you interested in photography may be familiar with Picasa, even if not used definitely might have heard about it. Picasa is the most popular and the best image organizing, sharing and editing tool developed and owned by Google. With Picasa you can edit your pictures, organize, share it on Google accounts, Flickr, Facebook etc., create web albums, create collage of your favorite pics and many more. It is easiest photo editing and managing tool. If you have downloaded and wondering how to make use of Picasa software effectively, then here are few tips which illustrates few of the

Microsoft Outlook keyboard shortcuts

MS Outlook application is one of the most widely used email client in the world, this desktop application comes bundled with Microsoft Office package. Outlook is very useful for communication purpose in business environment, it stores attributes like emails, calendar items, contacts, notes, tasks and many others. To make Outlook more fun to work on, here is a list of all keyboard shortcuts which helps you move faster while working on your Outlook profile. Basic Operations:- Purpose Shortcut Key Go to Mail CTRL+1 Go to Calendar CTRL+2 Go to Contacts CTRL+3 Go to Tasks CTRL+4 Go to Notes CTRL+5 Go

Easy Mac Shortcuts

Mac Shortcuts are the easy way of working on Macintosh without having to access your mouse or touch pad. With the help of these shortcuts you can reduce the time required for navigating your screen with your mouse searching for a particular tab. If you are a regular mouse user, then you may find it difficult to remember these shortcuts. But once you get used to these shortcuts, you will find the difference. There are hundreds of short cuts provided by Mac, but you no need to know all of these short cuts. Instead, just make a note of the