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What’s new in MacBook Pro 2013?

Recently, Apple has updated both its 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro with some extraordinary features and a focus on enhanced battery life. Here I have explained some of major enhanced features or functionality of MacBook Pro 2013 in brief. A list of some new features and specifications is mentioned here, have a look on it. Display The new MacBook Pro 2013 introduced higher resolution display compared to the new MacBook Air. Keeping resolution ratio in mind, new MacBook Pro 2013 redesigned existing retina display. 13.3-inch Retina MacBook Pro (late 2013) has 2,560-by-1,600-pixel resolution at 227 ppi. Battery Battery life is

Troubleshoot MacBook Pro Startup Issues

I am having MacBook Pro 15inch that is has Startup Problem. As soon as I press the power button after few seconds the Apple symbol appears with a loading sign below it and won’t go further ahead of it… I am in a remote place where I can’t find a support center. My data is all in the hard drive…. and it has a Mountain Lion!!!!  Someone please Help me with this: how can I troubleshoot my MacBook Pro myself without losing data….? Are you one of those who are encountering the same or similar start up issues as in

How to make Windows 8 faster?

Windows 8 is the latest version of OS introduced by Windows NT family. The new Windows 8 comprises many unique features and functionality that is totally different from all other versions of Windows OS. Despite holding all useful advanced features there are few factors that can possible slow down your Windows 8 performance. Let’s see what could that be and how we can overcome them? Remove Virus: Virus will enter your system and affect most of your systems files and folders and corrupts some of your system drivers too. This is one of the major reason why your PC slowdowns.

How to upgrade Windows 8?

Windows 8 updates are here..! Microsoft has come up with Windows 8.1 with many updated features. Windows 8.1 brings some greatly anticipated new features like Start button, powerful new included apps, a search function that shows the results both from the web and your hard drive better browser, ability to see multiple Windows in Modern UI and lots more. If you are a Windows 8 user and want to enjoy these features then you will have to upgrade your Windows 8 OS to Windows 8.1.? Here’s how to upgrade your Windows 8 PC to Windows 8.1. These few simple steps

What’s new in Android 4.3?

Finally, Google released the newer version of Android OS i.e. Android 4.3 the sweetest flavor of the Jelly Bean series. It comes with newer features included and older ones being updated with all flaws fixed. It’s designed to be more responsive, help the parents to restrict a child’s access to certain apps or content, support new 2D and 3D graphics technologies, support new Bluetooth Smart technology etc. To know what the new features in Android 4.3 are, just check out below: Multi-User Support with Restricted profiles Android 4.3 is added with the new advanced multi-user settings that allow the group

Causes of Windows Registry Errors

Windows Registry is a hierarchical database that holds information about configuration settings of application and hardware programs that you have opted to use the registry. Whenever you install new applications on system, its keys and values are added into registry, where you can configure them as per your requirement. Mostly, the kernel, device drivers, user interface, third party applications and services make use of the registry. You may come across registry errors when these programs unable to run correctly and finally, you may encounter BSOD in system. Let us see some of the reasons behind Windows Registry errors Installation In

How to Fix Mac Grey Screen of Death?

In, Mac Grey screen of death is one of major problems that might caused by numerous issues including conflicts with peripheral devices or damaged internal application system settings. You can solve this problem on your own risk by following some of the troubleshooting steps. If you are not able to resolve this problem then your system should get serviced by authorized Apple service provider. List of troubleshooting steps to fix Mac grey screen of death Disconnecting and Testing External Devices: If you have any external devices connected to your Mac system, such as USB drive, external hard disk, printer, scanner,

Troubleshoot Mac Startup Problems

Most of you might probably think that your Mac is trouble-free and would even work day after day without complaint. Of course, it is proven that many of them are lucky enough to go for years without running into any problems that keep our Mac from starting up. Nevertheless, as time rolls on even your everlasting Mac machines would refuse to finish booting! It can be a disaster, especially if it happens when you are working against a deadline. Here in this page we have gathered some of the best tips for getting your Mac working again. Some of the

Top 10 Windows 8 Tips and Tricks

Windows 8 with new features is here, and if you are used to previous versions of Windows then you will notice that few of the features have been changed. This new operating system is completely different from Windows XP, Windows 7, and, Windows Vista. It possess a new tile-based app interface, new ways to interact with your computer, new Charms menu, the absence of a Start button, new shortcuts and entirely new apps, are all waiting within the new OS. All of these features can be useful, that is, if you know how to use them. Here are 10 easy

Know how to run Mac OS on Windows PC

Are you using Windows OS from long time and now wish to switch to Mac OS? Purchasing new machine and using Mac OS is a costly thing. But, if we think of Mac graphical user interface, everyone like to use it. Do not worry, you can run Mac OS on Windows system and can feel accessing of Mac OS without purchasing new system. Now, question arises in your mind that how to do it? Do not worry, in this article I’m going to explain you how to run Mac OS on Windows PC. Follow below mentioned instructions to run Mac