3 Must have Applications on Mac

When you hear the word “application” you immediately think of those small programs for your smartphone. However, an app is simply any piece of software that serves some kind of purpose, either online, on your computer or on any another electronic device. When you purchase a new Mac, OS X it comes with so many built in pieces of software. For few, these applications will be sufficient and don’t need much more. But for some there are a select few apps out there that truly make the Mac better. Using the additional apps would make your Mac OS more comfortable

How to Change File System without Losing Data

File system is used for operation system to organize and keep track of files stored on hard disk. It allows allocates memory space to store files on hard disk. File system such as FAT, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and ExFAT all are having different file system architecture and allocation of memory is different. Therefore, user often would like to change their existing file system from lower version to higher version i.e. lower version to higher version.  However, there is high proficiency to lose data while performing file system conversion. Therefore, here I am suggesting a method, which performs file system conversion

How to Change an Operating System Boot Order?

If you have recently installed a new OS on your system then, you would have to change the boot order of the OS, to set the default OS on your system. However, before going into the details about changing the boot order, first let’s understand what is a boot order? What is Boot Order? When you boot or start your system, the system will look for the boot order to refer to the device or OS information to boot. That means the boot order is the order of devices listed in BIOS from which the computer looks for the information

Speed up Mac computers that are slow

If a single application is running slow, you feel annoyed right? Just imagine that your entire Mac computer is slow and takes minutes to open a single file or to respond to just a single click in the worst cases. It’s frustrating isn’t it? Well, there is no need to panic, your Mac computer is completely normal. As and when the computer becomes older day by day,, its normal to slow down. There are many issues that lead to decreased Mac speed. It can be due to low hard drive space, presence of unwanted files or some background applications stuck

Know about Windows Boot Camp partition and steps to delete it

Boot camp is a multi-boot utility or an application provided by Apple Inc. that assists users to install Windows OS on Intel based Mac machines that have Mac 10.5 (Leopard) and Mac 10.6 (Snow Leopard). It has two programs; one is Boot camp assistant and Boot Camp software.  The utility’s Boot Camp Assistant guides users in disk partitioning and even resizing an existing HFS+ partition of their hard disk drive. It reserves one partition for Windows without harming the data that’s present on the device. And with this Boot camp assistant you can even restore your Mac machine to its

Know how to migrate an iTunes library from PC to Mac

With the increasing popularity of Macintosh computers it is quite common to move your files from a PC to a Mac. Most of the file formats are compatible on both Mac and Windows platforms. Hence, it is a simple process of copying files from your PCs to Mac machines. Now you might ask, does this same procedure hold good for your iTunes? The answer is “No”, to migrate your iTunes; you need to follow few simple steps. iTunes is the special program introduced by Apple that is used for playing music and syncing the music with the other portable music

How to boot directly into desktop on Windows 8?

Windows 8 OS is been introduced with some new features, which includes bypassing of the Start screen at login. With this unique feature, user reaches straightly to the desktop by performing some simple actions. Follow below mentioned guidelines to enable this feature. Step 1: Right click on the Windows 8 taskbar, then select Properties option to proceed further. Step 2: Then click on the Navigation tab, after clicking on this tab see under the Start screen section and check the box next to “Go to the desktop instead of Start when I sign in.” After performing these steps, restart your

Transfer music to your Android phone

New Android users might often get confused about how to transfer music to their Android phones. Since syncing is not done automatically in the Android, hence one needs to transfer them manually. To achieve this you will have to execute some easy steps before transferring the songs to their Android devices. Android supports songs of various formats like MP3, M4A, MP4 and WAV files. There are three different ways of doing this. You can actually make use of any of these or all of these ways to transfer your music files to your Android phones. They are: Via USB cable:

Tips & Tricks to prevent Windows updates from crashing your PC

Trying to update your Windows on your PC? Are you aware that your PC might crash even while running Windows updates? Nowadays, computer crash has become a common issue; this is due to the poor maintenance of your PC. It can be due to many reasons like poor file management, low disk space, registry file corruption and many others. Whatever it might be, it will have an impact on your data. You may lose your data due to this. Hence, you will have to find out ways to prevent such disastrous situations. Luckily there are some really simple things you

Easiest way to Re-install Windows OS without Losing Data

Virus and malware attacks are one of the major reasons behind corruption of Windows Operating System. Due to this issue, the system’s performance becomes very slow, and the application will delay opening. Therefore, the user wants to re-install the existing OS without losing existing data and makes the system to work efficiently. In case you do not know how to reinstall OS without losing data, then follow below-mentioned guidelines and makes your system’s performance best by retaining stored files. Step 1: Take a backup of all the personal files on your computer It is a best practice before performing any