How to reset MacBook to the factory setting?

Resetting your MacBook to the factory settings will become necessary in many situations. For instance, when your MacBook is infected by malware or some poorly written application might corrupt your OS X settings, in these cases your MacBook becomes unstable and might refuse to boot. One other situation is that when you are planning to sell or give away your MacBook to someone else. In all these cases you will have to reset your MacBook to its factory settings. This is because, resetting to the factory settings will erase all the contents (i.e. all your private or sensitive data) stored

Various file systems available on Windows

Planning to install Windows on your system? Do you know what file systems does Windows support? If not, then are in the right page. This page provides you a brief description about the various file systems that are supported by Windows. Before going to the details about types of the Windows file systems, first know about this file system. What is a File system? File system is a method or way of storing and organising files on your storage media to facilitate easy retrieval of files. each of the physical storage media whether it is memory cards, SD cards, thumb

Few Interesting Facts about Android

Every cell phones differs one with another in several ways, it is because of the display, interfacing, size, and several other reasons. Based on the consumers needs, cell phone companies are trying to update new features recurrently. Users felt very easy in performing their tasks smartly and quickly when smart phones introduced into the market. For this type of soft and superior use, Android has emerged. It faces some tough competition at first, now it is ruling the Whole World in smart phones market. Know some facts about Android OS that you may not have known. Android was not introduced

What to do when your operating system crashes?

An Operating System is a collection of applications that manages PC hardware resources and provides common services for PC program. The OS is most important component of the system software in a computer system. All application programs needed an operating system to function properly. There is a possibility that PC may experience operating system crashes issues either due to a failure in hardware component or due to conflicts in the execution of applications installed in system. Computers running under the MS Window Operating System platform, a number of signs of OS crashes include the dreaded blue screen of death, automatically

How to repair Windows XP through Recovery Console?

Windows XP is an operating system developed and produced by Microsoft for home and business computers. The first edition of this operating system was released on 24th August 2001 and is the second most popular and stable version of Windows. Nevertheless even these advanced operating system has problems like crash, failure etc, which makes Windows XP OS inaccessible and unbootable. But luckily, Recovery Console feature in Win XP enables you to boot in a mode, which allows you to change settings and solve your problem. Below are the steps mentioned to get into MS Windows XP Recovery Console: There are two

Dual Boot Windows 7 and Windows 8

Want to test the Microsoft’s new OS version but don’t want to lose your Windows 7? Then don’t worry, this page guides you in dual booting the Windows 7 and Windows 8 OS. Windows 8, the latest version of Microsoft range of OS offers you the best touch-screen experience. I believe most of you would wish to at least try new metro-styled features of Windows 8, but not so sure about its efficiency and hence, doesn’t want to change completely from Windows 7 to Windows 8. And your Windows 7 is also working fine with its wide range of user-friendly

Why does my Android phone keeps rebooting automatically?

Android Ah! What a wonderful piece of operating system to own and use, in fact it is now the most widely used mobile OS on the planet. Android is an open source mobile operating system based on Linux technology and especially designed for touchscreen devices like Smartphone’s, Tablet computers etc. There are many versions available in an android OS starting from Apple Pie (1.0) to the latest Jelly Bean (4.2). But many a times these high end devices encounter many issues and one such common problem is, “Android phone rebooting automatically” Therefore let us have a look at main reason

How to repair Windows XP using Bootable Disc?

Puzzled on how to use the bootable disk to perform Windows XP repair installation? Sometimes, your Windows XP might fail to boot and throw some errors indicating some files are missing. When you find such instances you will have to repair your Windows XP installation. However, there is no need to get scared! Unlike the previous Windows versions, Windows XP comes with in-built repair feature. In earlier versions, when you encounter such situations, you would have to re-install OS, format or re-format the Windows etc. which would result in loss of data. But in Windows XP, it’s only repairing OS

Different operating systems available for Android

Android the magical word that captivated over 300 billion user’s world wide and still counting on it. The growth of this operating system for Smartphone’s and Tablet devices has been exploding till after the first release in 2008. Through out its growth the center of attraction was the names given to its build and versions. The consortium used names of the delicious food stuffs as their build names which attracted the users a lot. Functioning: In real, Android is not an operating system. It is just a peck of small software that are grouped together and handled in Smartphone’s and

How to troubleshoot ntldr.dll missing error?

NTLDR is the abbreviation of NT loader. It is the boot loader for all operating systems in the Windows NT family. Widely found in Windows XP operating systems. NTLDR.dll is the file is a loader that contains the list of other files that are to be loaded first. The NTLDR’s first action is to load boot.ini file. It also helps the user to boot up with pre-configured settings to the kernel. The NTLDR also allows the user to choose between different operating systems. The NTLDR can boot the operating system that is configured by boot.ini file. For e.g. NTLDR can