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Deleting a GPT Protective Partition or EFI System Partition On Windows

delete efi system partition

There are some partitions on the drive which are protected and cannot be deleted just like. These are EFI system partition or GPT protective partition. For instance, Mac reserves or creates 200 MB partition at the time of setting up a Time Machine backup on an external drive. When you try using Disk Management Tool to delete these partitions, you’ll see that the Delete Volume option do not function. But still, you can remove it. Read on to know why they are protected and how to delete them. Do not try this on the internal drive of your Mac system.

Set The Right Allocation Unit Size When Formatting a Drive


Have you ever formatted a disk on your own?   Or Attempting to format a disk for the very first time? Then, you should definitely read this post as it is going to tell you why it is important to set the right allocation unit size while formatting a drive. Now, what do you mean by ‘Allocation unit size’? It is also known as or can be addressed as ‘Cluster size’. The cluster size determines the can be defined as the tiniest chunk of disk space that holds a file. When you begin to format a partition into one of the

How to Fix Storage Device Not Working Using Diskpart on Windows 10

Even though you took thousands of precautions to keep your drive fit and running, we know it is almost certain to encounter an error message at some point of time. And while many of us aren’t tech genius fixing those issues isn’t easy, we all look for help. But, without a proper understanding of the problem, sometimes things may backfire. So let’s start with the problem first… What might go wrong when your storage device is not working? So you’ve been running late for a very important presentation and suddenly your computer freezes. Basically it isn’t a PC problem, because

How to Partition a Memory Card (SD/USB) In Windows and Mac

Creating partitions on your memory card (SD/USB) card is easy, whether you are using Windows or Mac. You just have to follow certain steps that would enable you to partition your SD card. Make a Partition! SD cards are small storage units, exclusively used to store a collection of data that you can access from your computer or other devices. While using SD/SDHC cards or USB drives, it becomes very important to organize your important information. The best measure to adopt would be memory card partition before using it to store your information. Partitioning memory card helps to maintain the integrity

A no nonsense guide on how to make partition in Windows

What do you understand by the term “Disk Partitioning”? Your Disk drive is a mass of free and unallocated space. This disk can be segregated into several independent partitions. This is nothing but Disk Partitioning. Any physical storage device cannot be used until and unless a partition or partitions are created on it. Why is it necessary to make partitions and how it is advantageous ? By default, the systems already have a single partition on their hard drive. It is basically the C drive which you can see inside the ‘Computer’ window. In order to set up a file system,

NTFS VS FAT32 What is Right for You

FAT is shortened for File Allocation Table and FAT 32 is an extension which means data will be stored in chunks of 32 bits. NTFS is shortened for New Technology File system and is a superior version over FAT as the chief file system utilized in Windows OS based system. Prior to the introduction of NTFS file system all the hard drives were partitioned with FAT 32 file system and there was no issue for making images at any time. When compared to NTFS, FAT 32 file system is older, but is simple and more readable from wide number of

How to Resize a Partition in OS X?

Mac OS X comprises of Disk utility application that helps you to resize disk partition and even you can modify a mounted volume. With this tool, you can enlarge or shrink the size of an existing partition regardless of whether the drives are internal or an external one.  Most users always wish to resize their existing partition for making a number of partitions for managing stored data. However, with lack knowledge about it they will fail and finally end up with errors. Therefore, here I am explaining the procedure by stepwise. You just go through them one by one and

How to Change File System without Losing Data

File system is used for operation system to organize and keep track of files stored on hard disk. It allows allocates memory space to store files on hard disk. File system such as FAT, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and ExFAT all are having different file system architecture and allocation of memory is different. Therefore, user often would like to change their existing file system from lower version to higher version i.e. lower version to higher version.  However, there is high proficiency to lose data while performing file system conversion. Therefore, here I am suggesting a method, which performs file system conversion

Know about Windows Boot Camp partition and steps to delete it

Boot camp is a multi-boot utility or an application provided by Apple Inc. that assists users to install Windows OS on Intel based Mac machines that have Mac 10.5 (Leopard) and Mac 10.6 (Snow Leopard). It has two programs; one is Boot camp assistant and Boot Camp software.  The utility’s Boot Camp Assistant guides users in disk partitioning and even resizing an existing HFS+ partition of their hard disk drive. It reserves one partition for Windows without harming the data that’s present on the device. And with this Boot camp assistant you can even restore your Mac machine to its

How to merge two partitions?

A hard disk drive simply called as HDD, can be divided into smaller drives called as partitions. These computer partitions are very useful for Windows users, as they help them separate system files with application files and furthermore they are very useful while trying to run multiple operating systems on a computer. But sometimes, there comes a need where you run out of space on one of your main partitions and you want to extend it. In such cases you can merge your partition with one of the other to extend its storage space. This can be done using two