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Easy Shortcuts for MS PowerPoint

MS PowerPoint provides a number of useful keyboard shortcuts to carry out tasks quickly and in an easier way. Here are some shortcuts includes PowerPoint formatting, editing and file and document tasks. Moreover, after you have created a PowerPoint slideshow, you can make use of many shortcut keys to perform actions after running a slide show. PowerPoint Formatting Shortcuts Bold -> Ctrl + B Italic -> Ctrl + I Underline -> Ctrl + U Center -> Ctrl + E Left Align -> Ctrl + L Right Align -> Ctrl + R Justify -> Ctrl + J Normal -> Ctrl +

What are the do’s and don’ts while using MS PowerPoint files?

As we all know PowerPoint files the special type of files developed by Microsoft which can contain media elements like embedded sounds, pictures, animations etc. They are mainly used in  educational institutions or corporate companies and by marketing professionals, trainers, teachers etc. as it provides the clear view of the presentation to the audiences. It utilizes high graphical approach of including charts, pictures, sounds, animations and many others. When you use PowerPoint files, one should be very cautious as it contains graphical content in it. In case you are planning to prepare one or have already prepared but need to