3 Easy Ways to Repair a Corrupt MOV File for Free

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Why My Video is Not Playing? When I tried to open one of videos that I took few months back, to my shock, some looked terrible and some simply refused to play. Why can’t my videos just play? Can I even repair them?   Yes, you can repair your videos and make them play again and that too without spending a dime.  There are several ways to repair a corrupt .mov file. They can do pretty much well job depending on how damaged the video file is. Before we go to solution, let’s look at why videos do not play.

5 Tips on “Free and Paid” Video Repair Apps

5 Tips on "Free and Paid" Video Repair apps

Every time, you come across a video file that does not play. You come across a dilemma of whether, to go with free or paid video repair apps. It is obvious, as each of these photos and videos has a special place in your treasure of memories. Whenever, a video file be it video files avi., mov., mp4., flv., wmv., asf., mpg., etc. get corrupted or damaged, there are several reasons behind it. The best thing to do is to get a video repair app and fix it at the earliest. “Free or Paid” Video Repair Apps Coming down to

How to repair your corrupted files using SFC & DISM commands?


You might have heard about certain commands such as SFC and DISM to repair corrupted Windows system files. But, have you ever tried these tools whenever your PC run into some problems? Well, here you’ll know how to use these tools to fix corrupted system files on your PC. When to use SFC and DISM? SFC command will be quite useful under following situations. Blue screen of death Applications are not responding Frequent rebooting of your PC Windows crash If you feel SFC command isn’t properly working for you, you can use DISM command to properly execute SFC command and

How to Use Outlook Inbox Repair Tool to fix corrupted Data File

If you don’t know what Outlook is, (then where have you been!?) It’s an application that lets’ you manage multiple email accounts. But that’s not all its good for… It also works with Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Sharepoint Server for multiple users in an organization to share mailbox and calendars, Exchange public Folders etc…  Once you start using the application you’ll find turning to the app more and more for tasks other than just viewing your mailbox. Finding your Outlook app or folders not functioning properly is never a pleasant experience, that’s why Outlook comes with an Inbox Repair

How to perform startup repair in Windows 7?

A startup problem on Windows 7 is really an annoying situation. Sometimes your Windows 7 might fail to boot. There could be many reasons for such startup issues like too many programs at the startup, hard drive errors, MBR corruption or some other unknown issues. Whatever might be the reason, you will just end up with an unbootable Windows 7 computer. This in turn leads to inaccessibility to all your data on your Windows 7 machines. In order to repair such issues Microsoft has provided an in built tool called startup repair tool. This system recovery tool scans and locates

Fix Memory Card Unrecognized Problem

I have 4GB SanDisk memory card, mostly I used it on digital camera to store captured pictures. Recently, it was full with pictures, and running out of memory space to store other pictures. Hence, I decided to move all pictures to system but memory card was not recognized by system. I tried several times by ejecting and inserting it to system but no useful. How should I fix memory card unrecognized problem in system? The above question is quite normal these days, this kind of problem with memory card users usually occurs when their memory card are assigned with drive

MS Outlook Problems and Solution

Having problems with your Outlook program? Can’t find a solution to fix them? Then just read on to know the solutions to fix the issues. Outlook is currently the de facto standard email client in the corporate world. It is considered as the default email client that helps to establish safe and secure internal communications within an organization. But there are times when Outlook might throw some error messages, freeze, or become irresponsive etc. due to some unknown reasons. When that happens, if you don’t know any tricks to fix them, then you will be frustrated as you lose access

How to repair Windows XP through Recovery Console?

Windows XP is an operating system developed and produced by Microsoft for home and business computers. The first edition of this operating system was released on 24th August 2001 and is the second most popular and stable version of Windows. Nevertheless even these advanced operating system has problems like crash, failure etc, which makes Windows XP OS inaccessible and unbootable. But luckily, Recovery Console feature in Win XP enables you to boot in a mode, which allows you to change settings and solve your problem. Below are the steps mentioned to get into MS Windows XP Recovery Console: There are two

How to repair Windows XP using Bootable Disc?

Puzzled on how to use the bootable disk to perform Windows XP repair installation? Sometimes, your Windows XP might fail to boot and throw some errors indicating some files are missing. When you find such instances you will have to repair your Windows XP installation. However, there is no need to get scared! Unlike the previous Windows versions, Windows XP comes with in-built repair feature. In earlier versions, when you encounter such situations, you would have to re-install OS, format or re-format the Windows etc. which would result in loss of data. But in Windows XP, it’s only repairing OS