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How to Sync Outlook with Android?

You can find several applications on Android Market that you can use to connect your Android phone to Microsoft Outlook.  Once phone synchronized, you can easily access your Outlook information such as contacts, calendar events, mails etc. In this article I provided simple steps on how to sync Android phone with Outlook application. Just go through below mentioned steps to make it…… Tap the Android Market icon from your Android home screen. Next tap on the Gmail hyperlink and enter your user name and password credential information. Click on Sign In button to log on to Android Market. In the

How to know if someone hacks into your Android phone?

Android phones today can be easily hacked using free software applications with all of the necessary information available for free online. Since these Android phones have operating systems similar to computers, once, it is hacked it will give hackers a complete control of the device, from calls, to texts, to applications like mobile banking and Facebook. Such unauthorized use or activity on your Android phone is the most significant sign of hacking; at times even the abnormal service disruptions or changes to the phone’s settings might also indicate hacking. Here are few tips wherein you can identify if your Android

Common Android Problems and Solutions

As we all know that Android phones are very popular and so much fun but you may encounter simple problems with it at one point or another. Here some of the very often-experiencing Android problems are discussed with solution. Go on reading… The battery runs flat too fast This is one of the most common problems faced in Android phones. In fact, this problem arises due to running many apps in background such as enabled Wi-Fi, GPS and setting screen brightness to max. Other reasons include playing more graphics enabled games etc. All these factors come to account to fail

Troubleshoot Screen Blackouts on a Nexus One

Google Nexus One is an ingenious Android phone that is designed and manufactured by HTC as Google’s first Nexus phone. It is over-hyped by its gorgeous display, a lightning-fast processor, and a loaded feature set. Its enhanced voice capabilities work flawlessly, to make your phone deliver solid performance. Moreover, it is designed to run on Android 2.1 version, with these Nexus One has become the best smartphone in the market. However, with all these eye catching and useful features, there also come few errors. As we know nothing is perfect, as the case with this Nexus One. One of the

How to Improve Android Battery Life?

Nowadays, Android smartphone have been growing incredibly sophisticated with providing wonderful features by using which user can easily can do their tasks and reach peoples online. In addition, some tasks a desktop cannot do, such as navigating with GPS feature, etc. However, most users use their smartphones to browse all the times including connecting social media networks to touch with people and their updates. However, performing all these tasks in a single smartphone will affect the battery life of the Android smartphone. In order to save and manage battery life on your phone, just perform a few tasks manually instead

Do’s and Don’ts of mobile phone

Earlier mobile phones were just a means of communication via calls. Today, Mobile phone has become an inevitable part of humans. We cannot even think about a world without mobile phones. It has been evolved with advanced technologies and applications. Now it’s not used just used for making call, it plays multiple roles as a modem, GPS navigator, music player, camera, and lots more. It has been designed to perform multitasking. With all these advantages, we forget that even mobile phones are just electronic devices that contain data and need to be cautious while using them. These overwhelmed features and

Android Phone’s SD Card Won’t Mount

Many Android phones now-a-days have cameras, video recorders, MP3 players, e-book readers and even the expandable applications. In order to store all these, Android phone might use your phone’s internal memory. However, as the number of apps increased the internal memory starts filling up quickly. This is why majority of these Android phones support expandable memories in the form of cards. You can make use of these cards as a removable storage device and connect whenever required and remove if not. These can be the SD cards that can store your files and apps. Hence, your Android phone’s SD card

How to manage Apps on an Android Smartphone?

You all know the pleasures of true multitasking features in the Android Smartphones. The ability to have multiple apps open simultaneously is what you think as a productive, fun, useful and necessity. But, Android users must remember that while you are using the multitasking feature on your smartphones you will have several programs running at once, those programs might eventually slow down your smartphone and even crash your device, no matter how high-end your phone you are using. How do you manage your apps on your phone? There’s a simple answer to keep the slowdown to a minimum and prevent

Transfer music to your Android phone

New Android users might often get confused about how to transfer music to their Android phones. Since syncing is not done automatically in the Android, hence one needs to transfer them manually. To achieve this you will have to execute some easy steps before transferring the songs to their Android devices. Android supports songs of various formats like MP3, M4A, MP4 and WAV files. There are three different ways of doing this. You can actually make use of any of these or all of these ways to transfer your music files to your Android phones. They are: Via USB cable:

10 best apps to protect your data on Android

In this modern era, the demand for Smartphones are raising day by day. It is because of the amazing features offered by Android. Nowadays phone can do more than just making calls, you can store contacts details, access internet, capture and store your favorite pictures, videos, send and save SMS, MMS and many others sensitive data. You can even store your media data on your smartphones and tablet PCs and these smart phones can also be easily connected to your PC. Is it safe to save your data on Android based smartphones? Have you ever thought of the ways of