How to enable cookies on Windows 8?

Cookies are the small package of data sent from a web server and stored in the user’s local web browser. These cookies keep tracks of the loaded and unloaded elements to notify the server that all the elements of the website are available to the user or not. These cookies are light weighted programs so that they can fly easily from one end to the other end. In Windows 8 operating system the cookies option is not enabled by default. This means the cookies won’t track anything from the user side and submit to the web server or hosting server.

Common Causes of an Invalid Boot Disk Error

Common causes of an Invalid boot disk error I’m getting the following error when trying to boot my computer:  “Invalid boot disk Insert a valid BOOT disk into drive A:” I’ve tried all manual tricks; pressing buttons, inserting boot disks, etc. But nothing works!! What is this invalid Boot Disc error and what is the cause for it? Is there by any chance this would show up because of heat issues? Invalid Boot Disk error has become common issue nowadays and most of you might have experienced it. Hence, this page aims at providing some useful information that one might

Difference between SSD & Normal Hard Drives

Until recently, PC buyers had only few choices for selecting what kind of storage device to use with their laptop or desktop and the form factor had just a hard disk drive (HDD). But now, you have a choice to configure your system with either an HDD, SSD, or in some cases both. How will you choose between them? What are the major differences between normal HDD and SSD? Here are few differences between SSDs and HDDs that might help you with this, Read further to know all of them.. What is a HDD? Hard drives are considered as the

10 tricks for an iMac

If you’re one of those users who loves to dig in and play with hidden features and settings of iMac, this article is for you. iMac is an all-in-one computer that features a number of built-in capabilities. Most of the people never get to know the numerous functions their iMacs have without having to install any additional software. There are some iMac tricks that are useful, learning about these tricks on your new iMac will increase your efficiency and enjoyment of your new computer. Below are few tricks and shortcuts that will enable you to compute iMac more quickly. Checkout

How to Create Bootable USB Drive?

A bootable USB drive is a USB drive that can boot up when you start your system. It comes in handy if you ever want to boot your operating system from your flash drive in case of emergency purposes. For example, if your hard drive fails, your OS on the system might become corrupt due to which you might be unable to boot regularly hence you will need to boot in from another device. In such cases, having a bootable USB is becomes very essential. Using bootable USB to install an operating system (OS) not only makes the installation faster,

How to Setup an Email Account on a Nexus One Phone?

The HTC Google Nexus One is a touch-screen smart phone that runs on Google’s Android operating system. This allows a mobile phone to behave like a computer in numerous ways. One of the important features of this Nexus One is a full email client app, which enables you to receive and send email messages via various types of email accounts. In recent days, email has become the very vital aspect to keep in touch with the family, colleagues and others. Hence, Nexus One is designed to be compatible with post office protocol (POP-3) email accounts. It’s just a few step

How to Increase Internet Speed with Tricks

Slow internet connection? One of the frustrating things for anyone while working online. Whether you are at home or at work, having a fast and efficient Internet connection is an important component. Slow browsers and weak connections can be frustrating and even costly. As more and more devices introduced rely on internet keeping your web speed up is more important than ever. However, there is no need this page provides you few tips and tricks to increase the internet speed. Just read on the below explained tricks: Turn your modem off and on: Many a times just a simple reset

Know How to Boost Wi-Fi Signal

I have a Wi-Fi system but at times the signal seems to vary from low to good and excellent. On the low and good connection it fails to send or receive though I can access internet pages. What I can do? Most people who use Wi-Fi might have experienced the same or similar situation. Wi-Fi is one of the most useful and important parts of using a computer, and yet it’s also one of the most frustrating. When you’re on the Internet or trying to connect, you might notice that it takes several minutes to open a single page. If

Ways to extend life of your PC

Is your computer slowing you down? Do you feel frustrated and end up completely disturbed every time you go on your computer, due to its terrible performance your system gives you? Perhaps you might even have decided to buy a new one. However, doing so can build up on both time and money. Hence, purchasing a new computer might not be a good idea but you can try to extend your computer life! Yes, fortunately, there are ways to extend your computer’s lifespan, rather than buying a new one. If you wish to boost your system’s lifespan for few more

How to Add Multiple Gmail with Android?

Currently almost all Smartphone contain Android Operating System; it is popular due to its high performing activities and its applications. Android OS emerges in different versions and the latest is Android 4.6 Jelly Bean. It has several attributes to manage our personal data, it offers you to create and manage Gmail accounts. So using Smartphone with Android OS facilitates you to send and receive emails with high-speed internet rather than using a system. In addition, here I am explained you how to synchronize more Gmail account your Android device in simple steps. In order to do it follow below mentioned