Know How to Import an OST File in Microsoft Outlook

I had to recreate my Outlook profile and hence need access to my Outlook data. However I do not currently have access to the network.  How do I open or import my old OST file in my new Outlook profile? This is what happens, whenever you are recreating your Outlook profile. Unfortunately, there is no in-built feature available for importing OST file like your PST Import / Export feature; hence, it has to done manually. Actually these OST files are the Offline Outlook data file that helps you to access your emails and other Outlook data even when the internet

Know How to Protect System Privacy

What if your mails, bank account details, credit card details, passwords etc. are hacked by some intruders? Very scary, isn’t it? But it’s the fact, if your system is not protected, then you will have to face such instances at any time. As information technology evolved latest technologies have been devised day-by-day, due to which your data would become more and more unsecure and is more prone to get hacked by some intruders. Hence, one has to make sure you have enough security tools to protect data against such intruders. However, there is no need to worry, by using safety

Outlook Express Tips & Tricks

Microsoft Outlook Express is one of the most popular email clients that allow the users to send and view the e-mails without using a web browser. In short, it is a convenient program that helps you to organize your inbox and even send mail easily. Even though this program seems to be redundant, it is actually very much important as your usual web and computer tools. But if you are new to this Outlook Express, you might find it as quite difficult. However, using Outlook Express can be made by utilizing the tips and tricks that are incorporated with the

Troubleshooting device driver issues

Troubleshooting device driver issues Often when you connect any external device on your computer you might receive error messages indicating driver corruption or it might go unrecognized by your computer. In such instances the problem can be traced back to incorrectly installed device drivers. The Device Manager in Windows is the one that will report about the devices that are not working correctly. However, many of these problems can be solved just by updating or reinstalling the drivers in the Device Manager. This page provides an overview of the troubleshooting steps to resolve driver issues. Step 1: Open the Device

Tips for fixing common driver problems

In system, many hardware devices are connected and they need special drivers to work properly. In case if any hardware device does not work properly, then it is due to driver problem. Here I have tried to give simple solutions to fix common problems of device drivers in system. Before that, let us know about some Device Driver problems or errors of some drivers Printer driver issues: Error 1 – Windows Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for any inconvenience Error 2 – Spoolsv.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are

Do’s and Don’ts for your Computer Safety

The computer plays an important role for user to store data such as videos, pictures, office data and other personal data. Therefore, the user needs to take care of their system in a good manner. Below some of the do’s and don’ts are mentioned to keep computer safety. Do’s Provide proper power supply: You can run system properly and can avoid system crashes by providing proper power supply. Use UPS: While you are working on a system if a sudden power goes off then system shutdown suddenly and may lead to data loss. Therefore, use UPS to provide power supply

Tips and Tricks to use MacBook Pro

Apple’s Mac Book pro laptops offer plenty of tricks and tips that are built in to assist you to speed up your work flow. Most of the tasks you want to do can be sped up by employing these shortcuts or quick tricks. Moreover, some of these tips even help you to know your MacBook Pro’s better. One example of the MacBook’s hidden power is its no-button track pad. With this, you can click on any side, vertically slide your two fingers to scroll up and down, or even flip through photos by just three finger swipes etc. Just imagine

Do’s and Don’ts of mobile phone

Earlier mobile phones were just a means of communication via calls. Today, Mobile phone has become an inevitable part of humans. We cannot even think about a world without mobile phones. It has been evolved with advanced technologies and applications. Now it’s not used just used for making call, it plays multiple roles as a modem, GPS navigator, music player, camera, and lots more. It has been designed to perform multitasking. With all these advantages, we forget that even mobile phones are just electronic devices that contain data and need to be cautious while using them. These overwhelmed features and

Ways to speed up laptop performance

Recently, my friend always complains that the speed of his laptop is intolerably slow. It even seems to take forever to boot. Therefore, are there some practical ways to speed up his laptop? Are you sick of the slow laptop performance? Then just read this page to know how to fix it. More often your laptop might slow down due to increased demand for resources. One important point is that laptops are more prone to such performance degradation issues than the desktop issues. This is due to small space, limited power supply, reduced system specification etc. There are numerous reasons

5 important tips to manage your Outlook

Outlook is a very powerful program but at times can go weird as well. This excellent program is flooded with so many features, functions, settings, and capabilities that it is so difficult to learn them all and use effectively. Sometimes, you may get confused of all these functions and perform wrong functions creating a huge blunder. Hence, Microsoft Outlook is both a problem and a solution. One should be aware of some tips to manage and make use of your Outlook features productively. While working on Outlook, there are a couple of things that has to be kept in mind.