iPad Lessons for Beginners

Are you thinking to buy an iPad and want to know more about it? Or do you already have an iPad and want to put it for better use? If so, then this informative article will provide you the complete information on how to use iPad? How it operates, which apps are very useful and many more. But before understanding all the above stated things, first let us know, what is iPad? iPad is a touch screen tablet computer developed by Apple Corporation. It is bit smaller than your typical laptop but larger than the standard Smartphone. IPad uses mobile

What’s new in iOS 7.1?

iOS 7.1, the latest and the major update released by Apple for its iOS oriented devices like iPhones, iPads etc.  This version of iOS is available for iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2, iPad mini, iPod touch 5G. It is included with bug fixes, numerous interface refinements, improvements, and other new features. It even provides some improvements for Touch ID fingerprint recognition and bug fixes. Apple CarPlay feature for iPhone provides a better way for driving. Read below to know some of the newly added features

Best Ways to Backup Data

Nowadays computer consumers use various electronic gadgets to access and store their valuable data, such as systems, laptops, Smartphone, etc or create BKF (Backup File) on their system. You may store data on these gadgets such as family photos, documents, videos, pictures or anything else. However, all these data is very important for you but losing these data due to any reason will hurt you lot. Hence, it is best to backup your essential data to other storage device. List of ways to backup data Manually backing up data: You can backup your essential data from your system hard disk

Difference Between Kindle Fire and iPad

Kindle Fire is a mini tablet device introduced by Amazon in market on Sept 2011. It has a color 7-inch multi touch display with IPS technology and runs a normal version of Google’s Android OS called Fire OS. With this device, you can get access to the Amazon Appstore, TV shows, streaming movies and Kindle’s e-books. In fact, Kindle Fire devices comprise of 1-GHz Texas Instruments OMAP 4430 dual core processor. In addition, device has a multi-touch color screen with a diagonal length of 7 inches and 160 dpi densities. In addition, it is provided with 8 GB of internal

What’s new in Android KitKat?

Google successfully released the latest Android OS version. Thus the long awaited Android 4.4, which is nicknamed as KitKat is finally here. Even  though Google had announced the version name before, didn’t reveal more details about this new OS version. It brings all of Android’s most innovative, most beautiful, and most useful features. Android KitKat mainly focuses on delivering improved multitasking, higher responsiveness to touch screen and memory management. Below listed is the description of some of the important and main features that were added or updated to this new Android version i.e. KitKat. Read further to know the exiting

What’s New in Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 is an updated version of Windows 8 operating system and this version is released keeping goal of offering customers the best modern business systems for today’s modern business. This version introduces new manageability, security, network capabilities, mobility, and user interface, etc. Below mentioned some of the new features and enhanced features provided in Windows 8.1 OS. Lets know all of them in brief.. BYOD Enhancements Work Folders: This enhancement allows users to synchronize data to their devices from their user folder located in the server. Files created in your system will synchronize back to file server also. However,

10 tricks for an iMac

If you’re one of those users who loves to dig in and play with hidden features and settings of iMac, this article is for you. iMac is an all-in-one computer that features a number of built-in capabilities. Most of the people never get to know the numerous functions their iMacs have without having to install any additional software. There are some iMac tricks that are useful, learning about these tricks on your new iMac will increase your efficiency and enjoyment of your new computer. Below are few tricks and shortcuts that will enable you to compute iMac more quickly. Checkout

How to Setup an Email Account on a Nexus One Phone?

The HTC Google Nexus One is a touch-screen smart phone that runs on Google’s Android operating system. This allows a mobile phone to behave like a computer in numerous ways. One of the important features of this Nexus One is a full email client app, which enables you to receive and send email messages via various types of email accounts. In recent days, email has become the very vital aspect to keep in touch with the family, colleagues and others. Hence, Nexus One is designed to be compatible with post office protocol (POP-3) email accounts. It’s just a few step

Ways to extend life of your PC

Is your computer slowing you down? Do you feel frustrated and end up completely disturbed every time you go on your computer, due to its terrible performance your system gives you? Perhaps you might even have decided to buy a new one. However, doing so can build up on both time and money. Hence, purchasing a new computer might not be a good idea but you can try to extend your computer life! Yes, fortunately, there are ways to extend your computer’s lifespan, rather than buying a new one. If you wish to boost your system’s lifespan for few more

What’s new in MacBook Pro 2013?

Recently, Apple has updated both its 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro with some extraordinary features and a focus on enhanced battery life. Here I have explained some of major enhanced features or functionality of MacBook Pro 2013 in brief. A list of some new features and specifications is mentioned here, have a look on it. Display The new MacBook Pro 2013 introduced higher resolution display compared to the new MacBook Air. Keeping resolution ratio in mind, new MacBook Pro 2013 redesigned existing retina display. 13.3-inch Retina MacBook Pro (late 2013) has 2,560-by-1,600-pixel resolution at 227 ppi. Battery Battery life is