Shoot RAW Photos with Your iPhone

Using your iPhone camera to take images is a great option for professionals, amateurs, new users, and laymen. With its amazing photo quality, the device gives some great features to click photos. However, for some people, the need for photo quality is satisfied only with RAW images. Let’s have a look at this question of how to take RAW photos from your iPhone.

Why to Taking RAW Photos?

RAW images are a certain format of photos that are in some way far different than other image formats. These images are comparatively larger in size and contain a significant detail of the photo like light, colors etc. In a glimpse, they look like grainy or low-grade images, but during post processing of the image, they provide exceptional quality for the development of photo.

When you shoot RAW photos, it gives you a huge detail about the photo and helps you develop an outstanding image. Over the past few years, many applications have claimed to be able to shoot RAW photos from the device. Their result was not as high quality as a RAW photo should be.

When a RAW image is shot with iPhone, it gives a relief to the image processing sensor of your phone and stores all the information from the sensor directly. This gives you an opportunity to look at the photos without the interference of image signal processing. It opens a new window to the artist for post-production creativity.

How to Take RAW Photos with iPhone

Earlier the iPhone didn’t allow clicking RAW images from it but with the emergence of so iOS 10, you can shoot RAW images with your iPhone. You can get photos straight from the stock camera app for your iPhone for shooting RAW. This allows you to click photos that can be developed with the RAW format and processed later on for desired output.

Apple has now released the new operating system and the devices are now free to take the RAW photos. But there is still a need for third party software to click such images with your iPhone. The native camera application is not yet compatible to click the images in RAW form. So in order to take the desired RAW photo, you have to get a third party application that can click a good RAW photo from your iPhone.

There are a number of applications for your iPhone, the most acclaimed are Manual, Obscura, Lightroom etc. you can make use of any of them and opt for the RAW photo option. They all are compatible with your iPhone camera and can click some great quality images.

The iPhone has an outstanding quality of the camera that can shoot pretty good photos without any application. These applications will allow you to go further with that camera quality and get some images that have a much better quality than the simply clicked images.

Shooting RAW Photos with iPhone?

Is it worth taking RAW images with the iPhone? There is a great debate over this question at some groups of photographers. The answer to this question is “sometimes” when there is a true requirement of a RAW photo. Clicking a RAW image is fine only if you are ready to dedicate your time to some of the post production steps. It takes a little bit of your time to process the images after you have clicked them.

There is another explanation for taking RAW images from your iPhone. When there are a large frame and the light is distributed unevenly around the frame. Suppose you are standing on a vast ground and there are places with direct light and shade in the same frame. Such instances drive you to click RAW images so that you can record the details more efficiently.

Sometimes, when a photographer is in places where the light needs to be recorded as a RAW image and they do not have the interchangeable lens camera. such cases give birth to the new RAW photos from your phone. This can be a great aid for all the photographers and artists who work on the photos post processing.

Conclusion: There are a number of applications for your iPhone to take RAW images. But only a few are reliable and can give you a good quality image RAW photos. There must be a significant space in your device to meet the requirement of the RAW image. There are also some applications that can’t perform well and can corrupt the photos. So a bad app can drive you towards the recovery of RAW images rather than their processing. Always use a reliable and good third party application to get a good result.

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