Teens' Social Media Addiction and What Parents Should do to Protect Them

To say Digital Universe has “changed a lot” would be the understatement of the decade. We’ll often see new social sites popping out every year, including the Facebook ruling the world. Not to mention how Snapchat and Instagram has shook up our connected life.

Parents worldwide suddenly started worrying about their kids’ safety and felt concern how kids glued to smartphones. Every time connected doesn’t mean becoming so obsessed with devices and virtual world that everything else doesn’t have any value.

And more shocking is: around half of the kids between ages 6 to 12 have their own smartphone. For present generation of parents who are not so in love with their cell phones, it could be surprising. What’s more surprising is teens’ social media habits.

Here is some of the latest stats and infographic about the social media habits of generation Z.

According to a worldwide survey by pew research centre, a staggering 81% of kids between ages of 13 to 18 use social media compared to total 72% of internet population as a whole.

And what these kids are doing online? 50% of them visit a social media site every day. YouTube being the most popular network for them, followed by Facebook & Instagram, and Twitter sitting at the dead last.

The Infographic below also breaks down how kids are accessing their favourite social media sites. Laptop and Tablet leading the table with 35% & 32% respectively. While desktop shares 24% part.

We don’t mean to project uses of social media as bad always but they do have bad consequences sometimes. Parents just can’t ignore the ill effects of cyberbullying and increased narcissism that might have severe mental as well as physical effect like depression, anxiety.

At the end the Infographic also contain some good sense of advice for parents that they should adopt to protect their kids before something goes wrong.

teens social media uses habit

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