Tips for Great Thanksgiving Photography

There have been different stories around the beginning of Thanksgiving day. But, most of these stories are somehow relate to the fall of 1621, wherein pilgrims celebrated a day to thank for their survival after a difficult winter. And, they celebrated this first Thanksgiving day with Indians who helped them during those difficult days.

History is enough. Now, what comes to your mind when you hear about this day? Well, the day has changed as an unofficial start to the holiday shopping season. But still, there are families expecting a holiday gathering with a small feast of turkeys and pumpkins. This togetherness and rejoicing of families would be the special element you’ll get by capturing these moments with your camera - perhaps, one of the most auspicious occasions for family photography.

Take Better Family Photos on Thanksgiving

If you are really interested in producing memorable thanksgiving photographs, following these guidelines would benefit you. These instructions are simple and won’t take much effort from you.

1. Get into the Spirit of Occasion

We know that unity and togetherness of families in a thanksgiving day can be a crucial element that spreads the spirit of the day. To get that spirit, it won’t be a bad idea to start from your dining table. The portrait of a big carved turkey along with its trimmings would be in your mind now. But, it’ll be pretty dull and you won’t get that so-called spirit on your picture. Anyhow, you can add life to that image by making your family members gathered around the dining table – along with our carved turkey and trimmings. It’d be great if the focus of your camera is at our carved turkey when your family at the background.

2. Get Set for an Outdoor Portrait

An outdoor family portrait would be a fine addition to your thanksgiving photo collection. And, its main advantage is the possibility to include more people in one photo. If you can’t shoot your entire family around a table, this outdoor portrait will help you out. Candid photographs would be better here rather than arranging your family like soldiers. Tell some people to stand, some to sit and if you can include your family pets too. For large portraits, a tripod would be a good option. There’s another good reason to use tripods – you can set a timer on your camera and be a part of the picture that’s being captured.

3. Use the Best Camera Settings

It’d be a nice experience to shoot in winter lights without using the camera flash. And, with a wide open aperture like f/1.8 or f/2.0, you can reduce the depth of field maximum as possible. A slow shutter speed can be a good addition to an adequate aperture. It’s always good to stick to the lowest ISO levels of your camera to retain the best image quality. In many of the new cameras, there’s an “auto ISO” mode, that’ll be great in low-light environments.

4. What’s the Equipment You’re Using?

Well, you don’t have to obtain a professional DSLR to capture thanksgiving photos. Even a good mobile camera would be sufficient. But, make sure that it has a detachable flash. Of course, it’d be great if you have a DSLR with a zoom lens capable of capturing fast wide angle candid shots. But, it’s not mandatory. Even you are using a mobile camera, adjust its settings to match up with the scene that you want to capture.

5. At Last, Organize Your photos Well

Whether you’re a professional photographer or a hobbyist, it’s good to follow a solid photo backup strategy as it’d help you to manage all your thanksgiving photos in the best possible manner. And, don’t reluctant to remove unwanted or bad photos from your collection.  Some of the best photos can be framed and hanged on your living room wall or can be sent printed copies to your family members.

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