Tips and tricks for iOS 9

iOS 9 is fresh update of Apple’s smartphone OS. With this new iOS update Apple has rolled out all new mobile operating system line with its plenty of great features - to do list in Notes, Siri, Apple Maps and many more. Here are some simple tips that help you use these features efficiently to master your iOS usage skills. Just read on…

  1. Adding Photos to Notes: This option helps you add links and attachments to Notes easily to keep all links and photos related to your note in one place. If you are using Safari browser or looking at a photo, which you want to add to note then just press the Share icon and select Notes for creating new note else use just add to an existing Note. Also, you can even add photo to note by just tapping a camera icons on the Notes app.
  2. How to draw in iOS Notes app: Open your Notes app, then Tap on ‘+’ icon, and pull all your options like pen, pencil, marker and others by clicking on the curvy line. Once you use the ruler for straight lines or draw freehand. In order to change the colour then just tap on the circle.
  3. Save Battery Life by switching to Low power Mode: You can manually turn your Battery to Low Power Mode.
    Go to: Settings -> Battery -> Low Power Mode -> On. You can easily turn this mode on and off as per your need.
  4. Creating Playlist in Apple Music: Tap the three dots on the lower-right side of the screen while listening to songs in music app and then tap "Add to a Playlist", and select "New Playlist." That's it.
  5. Drag iCloud Drive to Home Screen: iCloud Drive helps you to sync files on your iOS device to Mac or vice versa. For easy access to these files you can easily bring this iCloud Drive to Home Screen.
    Go to: Settings -> iCloud -> Show on Home Screen
  6. Set Reminder with Siri: If you are looking at any webpage, note or email and just want to go through it further in later time, then you can set reminder on Siri to remind you to look at it later without any hassles of copying and pasting.  For this, just open Siri and simply say, “Siri Remind me about this,” with a location or date and time. Now Siri will add the reminder item to your reminders and then at the right time or place, it will pop up with a link to that item.
  7. Hiding multiple pictures: In order to hide one or more photos at once in iOS 9 you need to go to your photo library simply select the pictures you want to hide and then tap on the share icon and then tap on hide. With this the selected pics will not show up in photo library.
  8. Set Default video Mode: You can set your video recording quality on your iOS device to record video at a specific resolution and frame rate and also, you can even set what type of slow motion video to record.
    Go to: Settings -> Photos & Camera -> Record Video and Record Slo-mo -> Select the needed option with specific resolution and frame rate as per the requirement
  9. Using 6-digit Passcode: By default Apple supports 4-digit Passcode, but you can reset it to have 6-digits for enhanced security.
    Go to: Settings -> Touch ID & Passcode -> Enter your passcode -> Change Passcode -> Enter your old passcode -> Enter a new passcode twice
  10. Using Sprint for Wi-Fi Calling: iOS users can now use Sprint for Wi-Fi calling that lets you make calls over Wi-Fi, so that you can answer calls on your device
    • Go to: Settings -> Phone -> WiFi Calling -> On.
    • On other devices, go to: Settings -> FaceTime -> Calls from iPhone -> On
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