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Microsoft Band 2 released in 2015 and now it has gone through some updates. The Band accommodates Health dashboard, and allows you to share your workouts with your friends. Band 2 pairs with iOS, Windows and Android devices as a complete health and activity monitor. And, you know that it counts your calories, tracks sleep and monitors heart rate.

With many new advanced features, it is possible to miss out on some of the effective aspects of Microsoft Band 2. So here we bring you some tips and tricks to make the most out of your Microsoft Band 2 Smartwatch –

Enable motion tracking: When your Band 2 is left at home for charging, do not miss out on capturing your motion. Just tap on My Phone on the left menu of Microsoft Health app on your phone and slide toggle over for your phones in built sensor to cover your Band 2. Gaps in activity tracking will be synced when your Band is connected again.

Wearing your Band 2 right: How you want to wear Microsoft Band 2 is your personal choice, but try wearing the screen on the inside of the wrist if you are not comfortable with it as yet. As Band 2’s display is constructed out of Gorilla Glass 3, you do not have to worry about scratches. There is a UV sensor on the outside of the clasp of the Band 2. You can capture accurate data if you have the UV sensor side on the top.

Third party applications: Microsoft Health app allows you to use third party apps too. Go to Microsoft Health app on your phone, tap on Apps and link your accounts with your Microsoft account. HealthVault, Strava, MyFitnessPal, TaylorMade, etc, are some of the currently supported apps.

Music control: The updated Microsoft Band 2 allows you to control music from your wrist. Reaching out to your phone every single time to adjust volume or control playback is a bit painful. With Microsoft Band 2, whenever music is played on your phone, music controls will appear on the Band. You can control music by playing / pausing, skipping forward or backward, increasing or decreasing volume right from your Band 2.

Custom tiles to pay for things: Microsoft Band 2 allows display of up to 13 tiles. And, some of these tiles do more than just tracking. For instance, you can pay for an item at a food joint or coffee shop from that food joint app on your Microsoft Band 2.

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