Tips and Tricks to use MacBook Pro

Apple's Mac Book pro laptops offer plenty of tricks and tips that are built in to assist you to speed up your work flow. Most of the tasks you want to do can be sped up by employing these shortcuts or quick tricks. Moreover, some of these tips even help you to know your MacBook Pro’s better. One example of the MacBook's hidden power is its no-button track pad. With this, you can click on any side, vertically slide your two fingers to scroll up and down, or even flip through photos by just three finger swipes etc. Just imagine if a track pad can do all these then what all can be done with other tricks.

Here are some of the tips and tricks specific to the MacBook Pro and that helps you to get the most out of your new computer.

Capturing Snapshot

On your Windows PCs, you have "PrntScr" button that offers a handy function to capture a snapshot of the page which MacBook Pro lacks. However, you can easily grab snapshots of your MacBook's screen by making use of the "Command+Shift+4" key combination simultaneously. As soon as you hit these keys, a square icon appears on your screen. Just drag the square across a desired area to capture and save it to your hard drive. It's a quick way to record images of your desktop.

Track Pad

Earlier MacBook Pros Trackpad is not clickable unlike your PC track pad. Actually, “Click” option for the Trackpad is OFF by default. Hence, you must turn it ON in system preferences. For this, just open the Keyboard & Mouse screen; click on Trackpad tab and enable both the “Clicking” option and “For secondary clicks” options by checking the corresponding boxes. This makes your track pad left clickable with one finger tap and right clickable with two.

Go To Folder

It brings up the Go to Folder dialog, hit Command + Shift + G in the Finder, this provides the fastest way to navigate deep into your OS X file system. With its Tab completion feature, you don’t even have to type out the full paths. This tip even works in Open & Save dialogs and is one of the most useful keyboard shortcuts for the Finder.

Create “On the Pane” location

Mac OS X of your MacBook has a location manager feature, using this you can actually turn off the Wi-Fi network automatically at certain locations. For example, if the created "On the Plane" location called that basically turns off Airport and all networking. This way the MacBook isn't constantly looking for a WiFi network. Since it's a location I can easily switch to it under the Apple Menu and when i land I can switch back to my "Automatic" location.

Other Shortcuts

  • Screen Inversion: To invert your screen colors, just hold Command +Ctrl+Alt+8 keys and repeat the sequence again if you want to change back.
  • Print a Document: to print your document, right-click a document and click Print to print it without opening it, or dragging it to your printer application window.
  • Show Hidden Files:  You may sometimes set some of your files or folders as hidden in Open & Save Dialog Windows. Therefore, to show or easily toggle with these hidden files use Command + Shift + Period in any dialog window.
  • Lock the Screen: You can instantly lock your MacBook Pro’s screen by hitting Control + Shift + Eject simultaneously.

Backup your data 

Time Machine is a Mac OS X utility that is available from version 10.5 and later. This utility lets you to create full system backups and even restores the data from those backups, with an intuitive user interface. To back up your data, connect a second disk drive to your Mac, or can even use easily available USB or FireWire connected drives.

In fact, the very first time you connect an external drive to your Mac will scan it for capacity, and ask if you want to use it as a backup drive. Then just click on Use as Backup Disk and this will make a snapshot of your current Mac. Whenever you plug that disk back in to your Mac, Time Machine will scan and update any files that have changed.

These are some of the basic tips and tricks that help you to use your MacBook Pro easily and safely. One other important point is that always store the backup on an external device that is bootable, so that you can easily use your data wherever you go. Isn’t it cool? Just adapt these tips to make your Mac experience more awesome. Don’t forget to make use of the Last tip. It really helps you to get back your data. In case you forget to take the data backup, you may lose your data in any situation. In such cases, just make use of the Remo Recover Software; you will easily get your entire lost data back, even without backup. Morevoer, this tool comes handy to recover data after Mac upgrade from lower version to higher.

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