Tips and Tricks to use OS X Mavericks

Mavericks is the most recent version of Mac OS X that builds about the foundation of Mountain Lion to provide brand new features such as Maps and iBooks, renovated system application, along with brand new energy-saving technology such as App Nap and Safari Power Saver. For power users, Mavericks enhanced multiple displays, Finder tabs, tags, and Apple Script Libraries. However, if you are new to Mavericks OS X then follow below mentioned tips and tricks to use it appropriately and gain better performance.

Remove unused apps lowering battery life

An updated version of Mavericks has the capable to power down the apps, which you are not using them. In order to conserve battery life, close all apps when you are not using them. Especially, turn off App Nap application that will work with third party application invisibly.

Disable Auto Updates

Compare to iOS, Mavericks can not only check for updates automatically and even download  and install them in background. In order to control manually, click System Preferences > App Store and uncheck 'Automatically check for updates'.

Keep Notifications off the lock screen

To accomplish this task visit System Preferences-> Select an app from the list and check/ uncheck ‘Show Notifications when display is off or locked’. By following this one can improve security.

Reply to Messages inside Notifications

In order to replay to message instantly from notification center follow these instructions. Visit System Preferences, in that choose Notifications. Choose Messages from the list on the left and check "Show n Notification”.

Kill Dashboard

To kill dashboard, Open up Terminal and type 'defaults write mcx-disabled -boolean true' followed by Enter. Re-install the Dock by typing 'killall Dock', and the action is done.

Get all my open Finder windows in one place

If you wish to gather all opened Finder windows in one window then choose Merge All Windows from the Window menu. In addition, you can preserve various views in all your Finder tabs, icons in one, lists in another.

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