Tips on How to Use Mac Safari

Safari is a web browser generally used in Mac OS X based system \ laptops with some radical graphic and functional tweaks. Safari is faster and more energy efficient, hence pages will be more responsive in this browser when compared to others. It even works with iCloud to let you browse seamlessly across all your devices with some spectacular features such as full text search through the browser history, DNS prefetching, improved graphics hardware acceleration on Windows, extensions which are add-ons that customize the web browsing experiencing, etc.

However, you can simplify your browsing experience on Safari by implying some simple tips. Here are some simple Tips on how to use Mac Safari effectively, just read on:

Initially click on the Safari icon in the Dock. After opening it displays bookmarks smart search field and top sites. To open site, select it from bookmark or just enter the website address in the field at the top of the window. Even though if you don’t know the exact address, just type the word what you are looking for.

Example – Apple;  When you type Apple, Safari makes suggestions based on your history, bookmarks and your selected search engine.


You can open multiple tabs at once either by opening new Safari window (File -> New Window) or by creating new tab within the existing Safari window (File -> New Tab)

 Command - > click on any link to open it in a new window or in a new tab

Top Sites:

Whenever you browse, Safari tracks which pages you visit most and automatically adds these sites to safari browser and turn it to built-in top sites page. To know which all the top sites are, just click on the Top Sites button

  • Just in case, if you wish to add fresh sites to this page then simply drag a website icon from the field at the top of Safari window to the existing page.
  • Top sites automatically get changed after surfing sites and new browsed sites will be added as top sites. It just works like FIFO (First in First Out)
  • To remove or delete site from top sites page, just move your mouse pointer to image of the site and click on Remove site button.

With these simple tips you can effectively work on your Safari browser. Also, as you use the browser too many unwanted cookies, history items, cache and other browser junk starts accumulating. If the issue is not fixed at the earliest this might make your safari slow in turn reducing its performance. One simple trick to fix the issue is Remo MORE software. This software could easily remove all such browser junk and improve your Safari speed drastically with just one click.

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