Tips to Cleanup Mac Memory

As time passes your brand new high performing Mac loses its charm! You keep storing new files and install new apps but never bother to delete them when not needed. Due to this your Mac keeps accumulating unwanted data in its memory which clogs your Mac memory in turn reducing Mac speed. Hence it is necessary to regularly clean up your Mac. Cleaning up your Mac computer \ laptop memory helps you to even prevent freezing, hanging up time to time or clogged up junk memory and increase free disk space.

If you are looking for the best and simple tips to cleanup Mac Memory, then go through with this page to get the best tips to cleanup Mac memory.

Essential Tips to Clean Up Mac Memory:

Cleanup Temporary Files and System Logs:

To cleanup temporary files and system logs manually, then follow the below mentioned steps:

  • First access the terminal by navigating Application - > Utilities - > Terminal
  • Next on the terminal type “sudo periodic daily weekly monthly” then press “Enter”
  • Now a window will pop up and ask you to type your Mac admin password
  • Wait for few moments until cleaning process completes, after which you will be returned to Mac terminal

Delete Unwanted Files and Old Applications that you do not Use:

Drag and trash the useless data and unused apps. To perform the tasks manually explore and delete apps associated preferences and supporting files and uninstall all application even empty the trash.

Delete Browser Cache:

Every computer user make use of internet browser be it a chrome, safari or any other. However, most of the users over months or years won’t delete the browser cache (contains all the links visited earlier on that browser), cookies etc.; this is why the cache builds up the monstrous size. Therefore on regular interval of time clear the caches.

In addition to above mentioned tips there are few more things to cleanup Mac memory that is reset rest your Mac PRAM, cleanout startup icons, clear your Mac terminal, Manage startup items, etc. However, performing these tasks regularly can be hectic and requires loads of time. Using Remo MORE an excellent app, with just one click you can easily clear unwanted files from Mac memory and have a high performing Mac computer.

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