Tips to Improve Macbook Pro Battery Life

Battery life is one of the major concerns for any MacBook Pro user. However there are certain methods by which you can improve the battery life of MacBook Pro. Perhaps, battery life mainly depends on configuration and usage of your MacBook Pro. Below are some of the commonly practiced tips which can help you improve battery life of MacBook Pro.

One of the biggest drains of battery is keyboard (backlit) and screen brightness; although keyboard (backlit) brightness can be turned off but screen brightness you may have to reduce it if it is set high. To manually set brightness in your MacBook Pro you can navigate to the following path Apple menu > System Preferences > Displays. Additionally, you can even make use of automatic screen resolution adjustment where the MacBook Pro makes use of ambient light sensors. When you switch to this setting, the brightness of your MacBook Pro automatically gets adjusted to surroundings.

Most of the settings or features on your MacBook Pro would be unnecessary. They just consume your battery life but of no use. Some of these features include Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, unused USB drives, dongles, CD / DVD, background application etc. Thus disable or remove the things which you are no longer using. Similarly disable sync services as it constantly monitors and synchronizes the application to keep it up to date. This constant monitoring can consume most of the system resources which includes battery too. Another place where your MacBook Pro consumes much of your battery is screen saver and highly developed graphics, therefore disable screen saver and select graphics which work on optimal things. Besides, do not over-charge the battery and on the other hand do not completely drain the battery as this may severely impact on the life span of battery. Meanwhile if your MacBook Pro is not in use then shutdown the laptop to save much of your battery charge.

These are some of the easy tips that help improve your battery life on MacBook Pro. However, all of these tips require you to compromise on one or the other feature of MacBook Pro. With these tricks you may not enjoy all the MacBook Pro benefits for which you bought it for. Hence, if you are looking for a simple solution without having to compromise on any of the features then Remo MORE would be the best choice. The tool helps maximize laptop battery life span in just one click with its providing power plans to monitor and manage the battery usage efectively.

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