Tips to Increase Android Device Performance

Are you facing performance issues in Android phone? Do not know how to keep Android device performance optimum? Are you not able find causes behind slow performance of your phone? If so, then follow below mentioned tips and tricks which can easily increase your Android device performance.

Usually, Android apps are free available to you hence you wish to install upcoming apps which might be or might not be useful. However, installing more apps in Android phone, which consumes phone’s memory space, which results in slow performance of Android phone. Hence, remove apps that you do not use and move the large sized apps to SD card in order to decreases the memory load.

Reduce unnecessary syncs, pings and updates in your apps. Suppose if you are currently running apps such as news and weather widgets, Tweetdeck, and email app, you can minimize memory and battery load by reducing the frequency with which they check for updated information. Hence, does manual update for any apps installed in your phone.

Reducing widgets in your phone, you can easily eliminate resources utilization. To remove unnecessary home screen widgets, press and hold the widget to choose it, and drag it to the trash. To turn animated menus into static menus, open your Settings, tap “Display,” tap “Animations” and tap “No Animations.”

Disable GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when these services are not needed to you. If you keep these services enable, they continue to use power to search for connection. Use Android’s power control widget that lets you quickly enable or disable these services.

Regularly clean junk files, browsed history, cookies, cached files, etc. Each time when you browse in your Android phone, all these information stores into the phone’s memory, which slowdowns phone’s performance. Hence, cleans all these information regularly.

Decrease your phone’s brightness power and optimize timeouts to save battery power. To change, go to device settings and tap “Display” and tap “Brightness”. It is better to setting brightness manually rather than opting “Automatic Brightness” in your phone since it will save more energy. To change the screen timeout setting, tap “Screen Timeout” in the “Display” settings.

By performing all these above mentioned steps one can easily achieve better performance in their Android phone. But performing all these actions often will make hectic and some users will not be having time to do this. Moreover, user is newly using Android phone then it is difficult follow these instruction. In order to overcome this problem Remo MORE application has emerged in market which can give easy access to users to perform all these actions in few steps. It is a freeware application and is the best answer for the question how to speed up my Android phone and moreover Remo MORE is an user friendly application which makes easy for all users to operate it.

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